Friday, July 29, 2022

I Like Thursday # 147 ~ Summer In the Scrapatch


Good Morning and Welcome to I Like Thursday on Friday! 

On Thursdays I like to join with my blogging friends for

I Like Thursday @ Not Afraid of Color 

where we share the things that we like every week.

It has been hot here again all week and yesterday it turned stormy and mostly stayed inside but my computer was off.

This is the view out my back door during a sunny patch.

The goldfinches love the tube feeders I found this year.

I love these bright and beautiful birds.  They very often come in pairs but we also see the babies before they have their adult colors. The babies are tiny.

This year we have families of house finches on these feeders, too.

This week's prompt is what we wear as our summer uniform to keep cool.

I am not much of a model, so I pulled couple of things out of the closet that I have had for a few years which well represents what I reach for when the temperatures is soaring. Cotton and knit are the fabrics of the day.

I am a stretchy shirt and capri or long shorts summer gal. 

These were purchased at least four years ago on sale at:

Plus Size Karen Scott at Macy's

These fit well and wash well and are comfortable.

On my feet, I like open toed sandals with contoured soles like these which I buy once a year at 

Pawprints @ Animal Rescue Greater Good

A friend sent me this link once and says it is a reputable charitable business, but I do not know this for a fact.  I do like their sandals as they feel comfortable around the house and for puttering in my garden. 

I am not affiliated with these businesses and have no interest in being an influencer so I am just providing these links for those who like to shop online for similar items. 

My garden is blooming even on this gray day.  
Time to go outside and enjoy. 

I hope you are having a happy summer.

Thanks for visiting! 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I Like Thursday # 146 ~ Kitchen Gadgets


Welcome to I Like Thursday # 146!

On Thursdays I like to join with my blogging friends for

I Like Thursday @ Not Afraid of Color 

where we share the things that we like every week.

Our lovely leader, LeeAnna, has added a new fun theme for each week

and this week our prompt is to feature the Kitchen Gadgets that we like.

I have three favorite things to show you that I reach for all the time:

The first is my vintage Good Seasonings Cruet.

I have had this at least 40 years.  I have found this very useful over time.

It came with a couple of Good Seasoning Italian salad dressing packets and it has lines etched in the side to show the fill line for the vinegar and the oil.

Although I rarely buy the seasoning packets, I use this all the time to make just the right amount freshly made salad dressing for a meal. These days I usually use extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic vinegar and fresh or dried herbs of my choice.

They still sell a modern looking cruet these days that comes with the packets.

If you want one for your kitchen, you can find it online, but it is more expensive.  Look for it in your salad dressing section of your local market and it should be about $4.00.

I use this carafe for other purposes, too, as it has a nice fitting tight lid. I have used this many times to pour a sauce from a larger bottle or from a pan made sauce to make serving it at the table drip-free.

In summer I like to use this outside on our deck dining table and often put milk or cream in it to serve coffee or tea because the lid keeps insects out.

Also I realized at some point over the years that the "V" line on the cruet is a perfect 1/2 cup and use it for measuring liquids to add to recipes.

My second item is this much newer one ... 
this glass Olive Oil Dispenser bottle.

It looks stylish on my counter where is so easy 

to grab and pour out just what I need when cooking.  

The black cap is tight fitting and drip free. 

I bought this last year Here on Amazon and I love it.

It came with a metal funnel and extra pourer and cap.

I buy my EVO in large bottles at Costco.  I have found it good quality and cost.

I definitely recommend this product.

My third favorite kitchen items are my homemade

 cloth towel roll and easy jar openers.

I have used and washed these on a daily basis.

Click on the link below for info on

How to Make Kitchen Items Here

I hope you have enjoyed stopping by my kitchen today.

Thanks for visiting!

Have A Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Stich Sew & Show ~ 2022 ~ Week 28


Welcome to Stitch Sew & Show ~ 2022 ~ Week 28

Opps ... I missed posting this last week.

Sorry about that.

I have been in summertime mode for weeks now 

and spending many hours outside away from my computer.

I have been carrying my yarn bag with me a I am making progress on the 

Pretty Pink Radius Shawl ~ Started Here

There is a link to original pattern for purchase,

 but I have been making my own modifications as I stitch.  

In this photo I am sitting at the table on our covered deck.

Here is the  first quarter of this WIP.

This one is slow going for me as I am using light 3 weight yarn 
and a 5.0mm Tunisian crochet hook and a much tighter stitch than shown in the original pattern. 
I am enjoying the process.

I have actually make a lot of progress and I am now on the last quarter.

Here I am sitting on the big swing in the late afternoon.

I need to have this shawl finished by next week as it is a birthday gift

for a friend.

I hope she likes it!

How are you spending your days?

Are you stitching and sewing?

Please share! 

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