Thursday, January 9, 2020

I Like Thursday # 40 ~ Sweet and Bittersweet

Loving these fabrics!

Some are old and some are new to my fabric stash.

This is a new, easy and fun shortcut pattern.

All will be revealed soon ... :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is Thursday and somehow I let it slip by without visiting my friends at

I Like Thursday @ Not Afraid of Color

Not too late to be thankful for the gifts in life,
large and small.

I am thankful.

There was laughter last night when I went out to dinner with three very old friends.

There was thankfulness that we still get together to share life.

There was sharing of the things that happen in life that are not always what we planned for.

There was one more chance to say Happy New Year to each other
and to their husbands, two of whom have cancer, one of whom is in hospice.

On Saturday my hubby and I will be going to visit his family out of state
and attend the service for his oldest brother who fought the good fight against cancer
and now is at peace after one last Christmas with his youngest grand children.

I am thankful for the sweet and sometimes bittersweet in life.

I just keep sewing and giving thanks.

Goodnight, my friends <3


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Love all those scrappy nine patch blocks.
So true as you say about life....bittersweet, especially at our ages. said...

Great post. Lost a couple of "older" friends to cancer the past couple of weeks, and a grade school friend to fungal pneumonia. But on the other hand there have been times spent with friends, enjoying their company, wisdom, and laughter.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat. Oh, it really is so bittersweet to get together with friends who you have known for a long time. Who knows what the future may hold for any of you. I am sorry you lost your brother-in-law. It is nice to see and support your family at hard times like this and to enjoy the remaining family and gather together. I have been calling my sister every day since my brother-in-law died a few months ago. It is something I used to do before my mom passed, and we are both enjoying just touching base daily. {{Hugs}} I saw those fabrics on IG and they are fabulous! I cannot wait to see what you are making with them. ~smile~ Roseanne