Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Blocks Are Falling

... Into My Mailbox!!!

I was a Happy Blocks winner in the September drawing for The Scrappy and Happy Group!  I am "sew happy" !!

The theme for this month was Fall Foliage. I love fall fabrics. <3

Here are my blocks, half of which I am sending to the other lucky winner ...

Since I was the first name out of the hat, I get to chose the theme for next months blocks.  I picked " creamy neutrals."  As I am not eligible to win again for a couple of months, I shall just have to make some extras for myself.  

These blocks are sew easy and fun to make and share.

I am Scrappy and Happy ...

;-) Pat


Magoo said...

lucky duck!!!! what a great prize! congrats and what lovely blocks :D i love me some fall too. how can you not?!

Kerstin said...

congratulation Pat. they sure look good.

Carol said...

You do lovely work, Pat! Congrats on winning too!

Carol (NJ)

Delia said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Pat! So much pretty.