Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Quilty Kitties Say Thanks

My Quilty Kitties and I just want to say "Thanks!" to all who visited my site for the Pets On Quilts Show and left so many nice comments.   Ghost wanted to get into the act and show his happy face.  Here he looks like a short hair cat, but in the winter his fur is long and wooly and so thick.  In the spring he sheds it all at once and is sleek for summer.  You can see how clean he keeps himself; he is a happy cat. Also, as you can see, he looooooooves Ms Butterfly ... who is neutered and not interested when he plays Romeo.  Sometimes he sings under her window. ;)

I have been doing lots of sewing. :)  Mina has been helping ...

More quilty photos coming soon.  ;)

I have also been enjoying the end of summer.  Today we filled the back of my son's truck with huge Fall Mums for the yard.  For now I shall share a photo of my zinnias and petunias in my windowboxes ...


Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend ... :-) Pat

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  1. Your kitties are beautiful, Pat. I can tell they are well loved. And that windowbox is gorgeous! I guess Irene didn't affect you! I hope Lee evades you too.

    Carol (NJ)


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