Friday, February 5, 2016

It is Snowing!

It is snowing!

The view from my back window.

Earlier, the birds were on the feeders that are here filled with snow now.

This is a very wet heavy snow and you can see a long branch from our tallest white pine 
down on the ground in this photo.  
Fortunately, it did not do any damage.
It missed the metal frame from which our garden swing hangs in the summer.
We take the swing in for the winter
but the frame is too big and is secured in the ground.
Hopefully,  no more branches will fall.

This is not a big storm for where I live but the schools and many businesses are closed.

The indomitable snow man went out to clear the steps, shake the snow off the feeders.

You can see the birds on the roof behind him on their way back to the feeders.

Here you can see them peeping out of the bushes waiting for me 
and my camera to let them eat in peace.

This is the only kind of "snow man" that will be in my yard today.

The birds came in flocks as soon we went inside.

I am adding snow to my snowman quilting.

My snowmen are happy. 

It is a good day to stay in and quilt.

Hope to have this quilt done today.

May you stay safe and warm, quilty and happy wherever you are.



Carol said...

Looks like our area this morning, Pat. Better to stay safe inside! Fortunately the storm passed pretty quickly and only gave us a couple of inches.

I LOVE that baby quilt you shared! So colorful!

Enjoy your sewing time. :-)

Dorian said...

Oh some lovely snow Pat! Both on the ground outside and on your snowman quilt, enjoy! :)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

We were dumped on too