Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Good Day to Stay In and Sew

Saturday Sampler Block 8

This is the block I sewed this morning.

Here it is with Block 1 of the series

I do have most of the blocks made now.

I missed two months when I went to visit my DD and family last year.

Catching up these blocks is one of my quilty goals.

I should have taken Block 8 to a monthly meeting where I would have received the next block kit.

It was just too cold for me to venture out.

The temperature felt like single digits at noon. 

Now at midnight it is -6 degrees F outside with a windchill of - 29 degrees F

(For my friends whose temperatures are in Celsius, that is -21 degrees C  with a wind chill to -33C)


And it is getting colder.

Good thing I got my quilts to keep me warm ... :) 


  1. Great colours! And great sewing, lovely points!!

    1. Thanks, ES! I appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to stop and leave a comment. You are a "no-reply blogger" so I am responding here and hope you stop back again. This is a skill builders monthly workshop and I did labor over those points. I also switched out two of the original fabrics in the block kit to get just the block I wanted. I am really happy with this block. Thanks for the kind words ... :) Pat

  2. These are darling blocks Pat. The colors are fun, going to be a great quilt. I hope you don't have to venture outside for anything in the next few days. Stay warm!

  3. I'm so glad you stayed home on Saturday, Pat. It WAS toooooooo cold to go out! I'm so glad you're sewing more now. I love to see your color and fabric choices. Eager to see the finished products.

  4. I'm like everyone else love the colors.
    If it's that cold I would have stayed in too! Brrrr


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