Friday, February 19, 2016

Have Fat Quarters ~ Need 12 Pack

I have Fat Quarters

... in bundles, 
like these lovely ones from Moda.

I also have them in stacks, drawers, bins ... 

closets ...

... and even under the bed.
I will not show you the photos of the quilt monster under the bed ... ;)

Why am I showing you (some of) my lovely stash of fat quarters?

Because I have found a good solution to cutting and using 
(some of)
these fat quarters ...

Moda 12 Pack FQ Pattern Per Week


Bear Creek Quilting Company

Bear Creek Quilting Company

I feel like I would like to grab a bundle of these fat quarters
 and some background fabric and start sewing.

This week's free pattern is up!

Click Here to find the pdf

I love this easy pattern.

I have other projects to sew before I can even think about this one.

I am saving these patterns for the future.

In the meantime, I shall be in my quilty corner.

Have a happy quilty day!


Sally said...

Thanks for the head's up on the Fat Quarter patterns--very cool!

Chantal said...

Wow! I wish my sewing room looked THAT good. Thanks for sharing the Moda 12 Pack FQ. I'm heading over there right now and save the pattern for a rainy day. ;^)

Rina Mason said...

Already downloaded the patterns. Can you tell me what fabric line the Fat Quarter bundle is in the top photo on the left side. Thanks, Rina

Scrapatches said...

That is Nature's Chorus by April Cornell for Moda Fabrics.
It is an older line and has been in my stash for awhile ... :) Pat

Scrapatches said...

This is actually my dining room and the cutting mat is on our dining room table. It opens into the living room, the two main rooms in our little cottage style house. I put the cube units and fabric boxes in late last year to make my space neater. My sewing mess was taking over. The closet, which is in a bedroom that used to be my sewing room, was another major overhaul project. Now I can find things and keep it neater. These photos were taken on a "good day" ... ;) Pat

margaret said...

what a great collection you have I think we all have a hoard of fabric I buy in 1 metre lengths if I really like a fabric or else half metres, our local shop do not do fat quarters so that is my excuse for buying larger pieces

Dorian said...

Oh lovely quilty corner my Friend. I really like those fabric baskets, where did you get them? They make a great place for keeping fabric neat. Thanks for the heads up on the free patterns too!

Carol S. said...

You have an amazing collection of fabrics! I love seeing that someone else has a ton of fabric. Think we'll be able to use all our stash in our lifetime? Not me! LOL Great pattern for using those fat quarters.

Scrapatches said...

I actually prefer to buy yardage, too. Sometimes I "want it all" though and one of these lovely bundles is the way to go. if I do buy a bundle or a stack of hand picked fats, I try to get some yardage of a background fabric to coordinate with them. I love fabric shopping ...:) Pat

Scrapatches said...

Those are from Target, my friend, as are the cube units. I shopped the dorm sales last year. they do make my dining room look a bit like a workroom, but that is what it is. They do look better than the plastic draw units, some of which may have actually have been in a dorm, which I has been using in the main room. Those are much better kept in the closet ...;) Pat

Scrapatches said...

I do love me some fabric! I call my hubby an enabler. He knows how much fabric prices have increased in the last few years and encourages my bargain hunting and says it is good to have fabric that will keep me sewing. He has his own stash of orientals even though he is yet to sew a quilt. He has used it in decoupage furniture projects, though, and he bought a kimono quilt pattern last year. I am waiting to see him sew ... :) Pat

Scrapatches said...

Hi, Ms Sally ... :) Pat