Saturday, July 13, 2019

Just Keep Sewing

Kinship Quilt Progress ~ Day 13

I am really happy with this quilt in the making.

It is one of the few quilty things I have been able to accomplish this week.

Life has been happening.
One of my adult children was in the hospital for several days.
It proved not to be a life threat.
Nonetheless, as a mother, it was very upsetting.
Enough said.
Thanks to all who have seen hugs and prayers.

So getting this one block a day done has been an accomplishment for me.

This is my first 12 blocks with the fabric I am thinking to use as sashing for ...

... the "Plaid" setting 
as shown here:

In the end I may choose to design my own setting.
Lots of time to think about that. 
87 days to be exact.

Here is today's block.

I really love these 
Curio by Betsy Olmsted for Windham Fabrics

One day earlier this week I could not sew a straight 1/4" seam
on a 6.5" unit piece.

Some of this may be my vision issues.
My eyes are always worse in the summer and humidity
even though I use prescription drops several times a day
I see my eye surgeon next month
although eye surgery is not in my plans this summer.
I have to see him every few months.

So I am falling behind in my other projects and commitments,
including the quilt on my longarm,

I loaded my 
onto my long arm frame.
I am trying something new ... the top is loaded sideways
into the frame.
It took me awhile to decide how I wanted to quilt it
and how to achieve this.
The top and backing was ready two weeks ago. 
I am averaging only one quilt per month on my long arm so far.
I tell myself that if this trend continues
that I will have 12 quilts by the the end of my first year 
that otherwise would not have likely been quilted.

Just Keep Sewing ~ One Stitch at a Time 

I look for the positive in all things.

May your weekend be positively lovely.

Sunny and a good day for a backyard barbecue here.



Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! I am sorry that this summer weather is giving your eyes fits. I can honestly say I don't blame them - the heat and humidity has been awful. I hope all goes well at the eye doctor. Congrats on keeping up with the first 13 blocks. I can't even imagine making 100 in 100 days - I am very impressed. I also look forward to seeing how you quilt Pineapple Rain. I'm wishing you a positively lovely weekend as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

claudia said...

You are encouraging me to keep on sewing on. I also have some problems with my vision, but they are minor. Some days I wonder why I continue to try to sew at all, but then I read your blog posts and ask myself why I am being such a sissy! Every time I see Pineapple Raid, I have to smile, this quilt is just beautiful! Your Kinship blocks are also beautiful. I am enjoying following along and can't wait to see all of the blocks put together!