Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Day 9 ~ Block 9 ~ and I

Day 9 ~ Block 9

100 Days 100 Block Party @ GnomeAngel

I sewed today's block. 

I also did a lot of work in the yard.

I also waited all day in a state of suspended animation
for a word 
that in the end I had to chase
down as the sun set over my shoulder.

The word was encouraging so that is all that matters.

I noticed after I took this photo, 
edited it and posted it to IG and FB,
that a letter "I" in Kinship fell over sideways.

Seems to be a good analogy for the "I" in my life right now
so I have left it as it is. 

Tomorrow I shall prop "I" up again and perhaps I can move forward again.

May you have sweet quilty dreams tonight.


claudia said...

I'm enjoying your blocks each day. Such a cute little bird in this one!

Scrapatches said...

Thank you, Claudia, you are always so kind ... <3 Pat

Kathleen said...

I just love how this bell jar fabric is looking in all your blocks.
Kathleen, at
kakingsbury at verizon dot net