Thursday, September 19, 2019

I Like Thursday # 28 ~ Quilty Musing

"The ocean was rough the past couple days but today it’s calm and bright. Life can be like an ocean.
It can be calm or still and rough or rigid but it’s always beautiful💖#grateful

I love looking at this photo.

If this were your inspiration for a quilt
to be made for two people you love,
one of whom took this photo and wrote the caption,
what would you choose?

The only guidelines I have is that silver grey is the background.
My quilty muse and I are thinking Essex Linen.

The quilt will be a queen size bed quilt to be used daily.

All of you, my readers, are so creative.

Thanks to all who respond. 

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Happy Thursday! 


Roseanne said...

Hi Pat! That photo is very captivating. I wish I was sitting right there, watching it. I have to agree that Essex Linen would be beautiful and capture some of the texture the water has even in its calmness. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

LA Paylor said...

I bet you could find a fabric with this color and feel... stonehenge? I'd for sure print the quote on fabric to put in there somewhere. It's gorgeous, I'd be thankful to see that view. LeeAnna

Scrapatches said...

The quote is a great idea for a label, LeeAnna! Thank you! ... :) Pat

Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Roseanne, I have some fat quarters of essex linen and am trying to decide which to include and choose the pattern.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Maybe blue and gray batiks? Or even gray/blue grunge fabric? Love that view, tho.

Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Mary, blue and gray are the color choices. It is to be a queen size bed quilt. I have thought of using grunge ... and batiks ... and Ro Gregg marbles ... and, I think, Essex Linen is the fabric of choice for the top. I am going for a classic New England look. This photo was taken on Cape Cod ... <3 Pat said...

Oh what a great picture and sentiment. Essex linen will be wonderful. I have an idea now for my challenge quilt and a storm at sea block!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That is a beautiful view and photograph! I've never worked with Essex linen before, but blue and gray for sky and ocean sounds wonderful! I'll look forward to seeing what you do.

Jeanne said...

Lovely photo! Maybe batiks if you can find the right colors?

PaintedThread said...

I was thinking patterns more than colors. Makes me think of three patterns:


In blue and grey would be so pretty. Whatever you come up with will be beautiful!

Rosemary said...

The ocean soothes my soul. I love the peace and power that calms me during good and tough times ... Have lived near most of my 80 years. Soft blues behind the stormy clouds over your dark grey ocean. I would applique the words on the back. I love using words and these are beautiful.

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Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Good morning! I am caught up on your posts now. I love that Faboolous fabric and I will enjoy seeing what you make with it. And what a lot of colourful goodness is being quilted just now. Since I am from Newfoundland, an island surrounded by the North Atlantic, ocean views are a part of me. And that quote is so true, the sea is always changing, always and of course, always beautiful too. That photo is quite evocative. THanks for sharing.