Friday, September 22, 2017

Spider Web Quilt ~ Show and Tell

This big beautiful web was made by Kat
inspired by my free

Kat wanted to make a bigger quilt so she started with 4.5" squares.

When it came time to cut the curves, Kat got really creative
and used a hula hoop for the first cut 
and then used the scrap from that as a template for the next cuts.

What a great idea!

Here are Kat's helpful hints with making a larger web:

"A couple of things I learned:
1. When the quilt gets this big, if you cut your 45 degree wedges -before- adding the curved webbing, you wind up with something less than 45 degrees.
2. If you make an extra section to make up for the smaller-than-45-degree wedges, you have to fuse fabric in the middle like you would for a Dresden plate quilt."

Kat says her quilt is a small lap quilt.

Hearing from Kat and seeing the photo of her quilt makes my quilty day!

If you have made a Spider Web Quilt from my tutorial,
I would love to see a photo.

You may email me at

or add a photo to my

Thanks, Kat, for sharing your quilt.



  1. Here are a few more details in case anyone wants to follow in my footsteps for the 4.5" version.

    Fabric requirements for the 4.5" square version:
    ~12 FQ for the 4.5" squares - you'll get some extra squares out of it, but not enough to add another row to each section (it will be enough to assemble a 9th section, however)
    1 yard and 1 FQ of the fabric used for the webbing
    4 yards for backing and binding (make bias binding out of the corner scrap pieces after the quilt is quilted - you'll have more than enough)

    I used a queen-sized section of prepackaged batting but if you buy it by the yard you'll need 2 yards or perhaps a little less depending on the finished size of your quilt.

  2. Absolutely delightful quilt! How ingenious. Thanks for all the added tips. Happy sewing! Andrea

  3. What a fabulous idea. This will be the queen of Spooktacular Quilts. Halloween must be close. Thank you for sharing - it is adorable!!!


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