Thursday, August 8, 2019

I Like Thursday # 23 ~ Family and Fabric

I like fabrics.

I like buying them, fondling them,  folding them, sorting them, stashing them, 
taking them out and arranging and rearranging them,
designing quilts with them,
picking the right ones for the right quilt,
choosing the right ones for the right block,
washing, pressing, cutting, sewing,
making a quilt with them.

Most of all I like cuddling under them in their quilt
and stroking them and admiring their
pretty colors and designs.

Fabric is love.

This is my big beautiful stash closet.

I call it "stash spelunking" when I search through this closet 
because it is a dark cave full of treasures and tight spaces,
some of which I rarely explore.

Mostly, I know where every fabric is.
My memory for my stash is very vivid with images
from fondling these beauties
and tucking them away in the best storage place.

There are shelves behind rolling carts,
bins under bins,
stacked and sorted and waiting.
The carts in the front are on wheels to roll them out to get behind them.
Usually I can find the fabrics I need.
Sometimes I have to un-stack  and re-stack things to find what I am searching for.
Sometimes a particular fabric eludes me. 

This was the case recently when looking for the "right" fabrics for the quilt that 
My Girl and I are sewing along together with 

I have found and chosen my fabrics!

This is the one that was eluding me in my closet.

It was bought somewhere other than with the first stack of fabrics.
Maybe I did not at first recognize that it was the same line as the other 
Kringles Sweet Shop by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics, 
that I had stashed away together.
But I knew it would be a good fabric to add to this quilt.
I just needed to find it.

Yesterday I spent some time looking in my closet, literally with a flashlight,
while we were having strong thunderstorms and I had the electric lights turned off
at their power strips.

There was a bonus of unearthing three surprise fabrics,
the pink and the gray hot chocolate mugs and a piece of the cupcakes with white background
~ how did I forget I had these fabrics! ~ 
... and I found a nice green stripe from another fabric line that will be perfect for the binding.

Time to decide and cut and sew the first block!

I am also having fun choosing the right fabrics for the blocks for the

I have six different block layouts now in the quilt from those four layer cake cuts.
This will be a very colorful quilt
and both my hubby and I are happy with the progress,

So my quilting this week is all about family and fabric.

While I was sitting sewing my first block at my machine by the window,
this beauty visited my window box of flowers,
still wet from the rains.

Butterflies are very special in my life.
The story is that a butterfly landed on me where I met my future husband
and he decided it was a sign that I was "The One."
I already knew by the peace and happiness I was feeling inside when we were together.
Butterflies fly to happiness.

I am happy in my sewing corner today.

Life Is Good

I will be spending part of my day enjoying what is good in the life of my friends at

It is good once a week to sit back and think about all the good things in life.

Day 39 ~ Block 39
Have a Happy Thursday! 


Julierose said...

Lovely match-up with those cupcakes--and that minty green stripe will be really perfect...I love your stash closet--so neat and organized hugs, Julierose

Roseanne said...

Hi Pat! Aww, I love the butterfly story. How sweet is that?! I'm glad the butterfly pegged you for him, especially since you already knew. Love your storage system!! I would love to just sit and watch you go through those once, to see all the pretties in your stash. ~smile~ Roseanne

Shannon said...

So fun that you found some unexpected fabrics during your search!!! I love when that happens, things I either forgot about or never knew were there. It's like treasure hunting! said...

Awe great story about the butterfly. Your storage system is much better than mine, mine is a work in progress.

PaintedThread said...

Oh my goodness - that's a lot of fabric! The batiks are so bright - that will a fun quilt.

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness, I love to be in the midst of my fabrics as well. We are definitely like minded. I have been seeing lots of butterflies this year, mostly around my zenias. I always have to stop and watch, as the flitter around the flowers, showing off their beautiful colors.