Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sew I Knew It Would Happen

It's Beginner to look a lot like Christmas!

~ and ~ 

I knew it would happen.

I am actually looking forward to the moments like these.

My Girl and I are sewing along Christmas Quilts together.
My Girl and I are actually "online" quilt along friends right now as she is living in Texas
and I am rooted in Massachusetts.

Here is my daughter's Nine Patch Block.
sent via wonderful modern technology.

My Girl has been bitten by the quilt bug.
At one point she said it would never happen.
That was years after she had dabbled with making a quilted bag and few quilt blocks 
when she was about nineteen after she and a college friends of hers 
attended a big quilt show with us.

So she knows the basics, bought some fabric, 
tried quilt making on and took it off and put it in the "not me" category. 

Until  now.
I cannot tell you how happy I am that the 

I casually mentioned it to My Girl and to my happy surprise she said she was interested.

Of course, I have been sending her helpful photos, tips tricks, video links, etc,
to help her learn all she needs to know to find her way in quilting.
I have always taught my children to listen and learn
and find their own ways of doing things.
They are all very successful in this endeavor
and have taught me many things.

But not about quilting ... Until Now
My Girl is now teaching me new things about quilting ... :-) 

My Girl has been doing her thing researching and learning and planning
to make her first quilting experience as good as she can.
So she is already trying to figure out how best to quilt her quilt
So the other day she sent me this link ...

How To Bury Thread Ends Quilt Video

@ The Littlest Thistle

and asked me if this was a good way to do it.

Um .... "Yes, Girl!
This looks like a really good and easy method." 

:: sheepish grin ::
Then I told her the story about how when I was learning about quilting
on my own via books from the library, magazines and online information.
(before the explosion of online how-to-quilt videos)
I never learned about "burying thread ends"
until long after I had formed the bad habit of snipping them short.

So My Girl is finding what she needs to know to form good habits from the start.

And Her Mama is learning better habits from her.

Win = Win
<3 :-) Me & My Girl :-) <3 


Day 49 ~ Block 49

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Bernie Kringel said...

This post gives me hope. I have tried to get my daughter to have some interest in sewing but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe later on. I hope so!! Nice you and she are enjoying this together even if from a distance.