Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Merrily I Sew Along ~ Making More Plans To Sew Along

I love this book!
I received it in the mail today because
I pre-ordered this book after seeing previews of it on 

There is going to be a 

It is about 5 minutes into the video replay.
▸ The sew along will start September 3rd, 2019. ▸ Supplies: 4” and 3” Triangles On A Roll paper,
two fat quarters,
five fat eighths,
and 4 yards of fabric for background fabric

and you need this book ... 

You only need two Triangles on the Roll papers
and I have both of them.

I have all of them as I have been using them fro some time to make
 easy and accurate half square triangles.

If I did not have them I would invest in this master set ... 

I am thinking of making a fall fabric quilt and will be pulling fabrics from my stash.

Today was another productive day of sewing.  

I sewed my Day 44 ~ Block 44 

I also now have 48 blocks for my hubby's batik quilt.

I have made 11 different block designs with these

Four cuts from my batik layer cake swap squares.

I am thinking to put up a post showing the specific cuts needed for these different squares
after I complete the top.

I may want to use this pattern again for a quick and easy layer cake quilt.

It has been another warm and humid day here.
I am hoping the air will get cooler and dryer again soon.
Looking forward to autumn.

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