Thursday, August 1, 2019

I Like Thursday Post # 22 ~ Happy News

I like to sit and sip a cup of coffee and visit friends far away.

It is nice once a week to sit back and think about all the good things
 in our lives, big and small. 

My New Dawn climbing rose is flourishing and blooming.
It is a pale pink and has a light scent.
I like scented roses.
Small single roses that climb and have an abundance of flowers are my favorites.

These have doubled in size since they arrived 

Look at that little beauty already reaching up the trellis 

Our garden gate is looking good today ...
and the wall needs to be weeded ... :) 

I am a little late posting today.
Usually I have my Thursday post scheduled for midnight.

At midnight last night I was making homemade yogurt for today.

I like

It is made in small batches and tastes the most like homemade to me.
I do not really like Greek yogurt.
I know it has more protein, but it is too tart for my taste.

I like the fresh milk and slightly sweet kind of yogurt.
I was getting down to my last two store bought Oui
so I decided to make more of my own using the
pot of Oui that I was snacking on before bed
as my starter and a couple of clean Oui pots.

I like the glass pots Oui comes in, too.

There is a 

I have been making yogurt for years.
It is one of the easiest things to make.
No fancy yogurt maker needed.

I pretty much do the same thing but I usually only make two to four pots at a time.

I do not use cream.

I use farm bought while milk.

This one I put a rounded tablespoon of my favorite Special Peach Jam 
from a nearby orchard. 

I heat the milk with about a tablespoon of sugar in a heavy bottomed stainless steel pan  on the stove until it just starts to bubble and then I take it off the heat and set on a rack, put the lid on the pot and put a clean dish towel over it and wait ten minutes.

I use a ratio of 1/2 cup of milk to 1 rounded tablespoon of yogurt starter.

So I scooped two big tablespoons off the top of my midnight snack 
and enjoyed the rest while I was waiting.
The little kitties joined me.
They love a teeny lick of the stuff. 
No photos.
I was too busy trying to keep the cats from eating all my snack.

After ten minutes I put a little of the warm milk into my starter and whisk it smooth.
(While the cats are rubbing and coiling their tails around my ankles.) 

Then I add the this to the rest of the milk in the pot and pour it into my saved pots.

My covers are not fancy ones bought to fit the pots.
They are actually cheap lids I bought to cover a small cat food can.
Yes, they are washed and fishy smelling free.

I put the pots in the dish cloth in the pot.

Put the cover on and put the pot in my oven.
The oven is not turned on,
Only the light is on for a little heat to grow the yogurt culture. 

In the morning I have two new pots of homemade Oui.
I put them in the refrigerator and will snack one later today.
I do not know how long this keeps in the fridge as I always eat it in a day or two.
Then I make more.   Yum! 

Another yum is this Dove Dark Chocolate & Mint Swirl treat that my hubby brought home.
I could eat the whole bag but I put them in a jar and
I only eat one a day ... really!   ;)

In my quilty life this week I have started a new quilt per request for my guy.

He picked the fabric himself Here

I am designing as I cut and sew along Here

I am keeping up with my  #100days100blocks2019 Here

Almost one third done!
Feeling good about this one.

I am also feeling good about the fact it is time to book our flights
to go spend Grammy/Grampy Christmas in Texas with

My Girl and her family.

Here they are at a Zoo in Waco last week.
This photo was taken by my Grand-Darling's Nana who was visiting them.
Grammy and Grampy bought membership passes to the zoo as a 
5th Birthday Gift for them to enjoy all year
and for us to enjoy with them when we visit.

Look at how long those legs are on that little girl!

Everly is only five years old and at  4' and 2" tall
she is the tallest 5 year old patient her military doctor has ever seen.
Her parents and we are all about average height.
My how that little girl does grow! 

In other news,  I am sewed happy that my girl and I are sewing 
 Christmas in August quilts  with  the ...

Still trying to decide on my fabric choice Here

Well, that is all I have to share this week.

Off to visit my blogging friends soon ... :-) 
Have a Happy Thursday! 


Julierose said...

That is quite a process making your own yogurt--I've never seen (or tried) Oui brand. I like Greek Yogurt myself--I do add a bit of Stevia to it to cut that tartness...
Pretty fabric choices for your guy's quilt...I still have trouble getting my fabric choices all together and usually end up diving into my stash to find things...thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

Roseanne said...

Hi Pat! I am so thrilled to see a cool use for the Oui glass yogurt containers. We have been washing them out - here at school, too - and using them as a votive candle holder. Making your own yogurt - I don't know that I'm brave enough to try that myself. You make it sound pretty easy though! It won't be long until you are with your sweet granddaughter. She does have long legs! And only five!! ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your homemade yogurt sounds good! I haven't seen the Oui yogurt here where I live, but will have to look for it, too. Your rose is beautiful! Excited for you to book your plane tickets for Christmas, especially to go visit someone you love!

PaintedThread said...

Oh, I love those batiks! I've been thinking about making my own yogurt - it seems like a simple process! Your garden looks beautiful. Huzzah for plane tickets! How nice to look forward to a trip.

Jeanne said...

I love scented roses! Haven't made yogurt in a long time … I'll have to give it a try again.

Angie said...

My goodness, you have a lot of creative activities going on in your life. My husband is the cook in our family and recently made goat cheese from goat milk that our neighbor gave us. I admire your strength in only eating one Dove chocolate a day! Joining you from I Like Thursday. Have a great weekend!

claudia said...

I have an Insta-Pot and supposedly I could potentially make yogurt in that. I guess I should get off my duff and try it!
Great Kinship Block. Each one is my favorite as you make and share them!