Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Gathering of Eagle Quilters

Quilt Like An Eagle

Do you "Quilt Like An  Eagle" ?

These Quilters Do!

Audrey has been nice enough to invite me to join this convocation of eagle quilters with my

Eye of the Eagle Quit

My quilt is only an easy panel quilt.

Most of the awe inspiring quilts on their blog and Pinterest boards are beyond my quilty abilities
but I am going to try my hand a piecing or paper piecing an eagle block to add to this display.

I have started this
Quilty Like An Eagle
 Pinterest Board for inspiration.

If you have made, or are working on or are gathering ideas for making an eagle quilt,

Here are the Guidelines for joining

Contact information for Audrey and Angie is on their sidebar.

I will be taking outdoor photos of my eye quilt and posting my quilt there soon.

Hope to see you flying with us!


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  1. Such a neat idea for quilting that inspiring eagle panel! Thanks for spreading the word about Quilt Like An Eagle!


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