Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fat Quarter Cubes Cushion

Here is the Fat Quarter Cubes Pillow Cover
that I made with the extra squares and rectangles 
left from my ...

To make this quilted pillow, with a flanged machine stitched binding,
I made one Fat Quarter Cubes Block 
according to the tutorial and pattern from the

FQS Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt

and I added a 2.5" border of the
Pink Popsicle Ombre Confetti Metallic

Then I placed to block on a 22" square of white and warm cotton batting
and quilted it with my walking foot in a windowpane quilt design.

To make the backing of the pillow,
I cut a 22" square of the
Graphite Grey Ombre Confetti Metallic
and cut a 3" strip on one side to insert a 22" invisible zipper.
I followed the instructions in the zipper package
using my regular zipper foot
as I do not have an invisible zipper foot.

Here are the pieces to finish my pillow:

the quilted top,

the backing with invisible zipper,

and the binding pieces. 

For the two-color flanged binding, I cut
TWO 2" by  WOF strips of Graphite Grey (Accent Fabric)
FOUR 1.5" by 22" strips in four colors that were extra pieces 
when I cut my Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt (Main Binding Fabric(s)

Here is how I made the flanged machine binding:

First I sandwiched the quilted top and the backing square,
wrong side together,
and I stitched around all fours sides 1/2" in from the edges.

Here is my pillow cover before adding the decorative binding.

I sewed the four 1.5" FQ strips and the two 2" gray strips
together end to end and pressed my seams open
and then sewed the two long strips together.

Press seam toward the smaller strip side,
the Main Binding Fabric.

Press the strip in half.
This gives you a 1/4" strip of the Accent Fabric 
to stitch onto the front of your quilt or pillow cover.

Align the folded binding strip with the Main Fabric face down
and the Accent Fabric face up along the stitch line on the
back of the quilt or pillow cover
and stitch 1/4" from the edge of the binding.
I use my heavy duty walking foot to attach this binding.

Make your corners as you would for any binding,
stopping your stitch 1/4" from the corner and back-stitching.
Fold the fabric at right angles,
mark your start with a pin and insert your needle, remove the pin,
and start the next side with a back-stitch to secure the corner.
Continue around all four sides and close your binding as usual.

Press the binding outward from the back.

Fold the binding over the front and secure with wonderclips or pins,
as is your usual method.
Close your binding according to your usual method.
Match your thread to the Accent Fabric and
stitch all the all the way around your
in the 1/4" binding strip to finish your binding.
Unzip the back to insert a purchased 20" -22" pillow.
I used a 20"  extra fluffy pillow form.

Enjoy your new pillow!

The two-color flanged machine stitched binding is the same binding method I used on my

FQS Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt and Pillow

I love these wonderful and easy quilt patterns from the

Fat Quarter Shop

Also, I really cannot get enough of these beautiful 

I also made these
Ombre Confetti Scrappy Fabric Coasters
from my quilt scraps.

I still have some pieces left.

(I am really tempted to buy more while they are still available) 

Now what shall I sew next?



  1. Thank you for the great tutorial. It looks wonderful and I love that fabric.

  2. Hi again,
    Oh boy - I'd better order that fabric right this minute before it's all gone! I really love all of these projects and I'm going to PIN these directions for the flanged binding. I've been wanting to try this but haven't gotten up the courage - YET. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Great tutorial. I am going to try this on some extra quilt blocks I have.


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