Saturday, April 28, 2018

Playing With the Fabric Scraps

After making my 

I had a lot of 6.5" ends left of various  widths so
I decided to use up the scraps and get ready for my next blog hop project.

I cut the ends down to 1.5" strips to use with my new ...

I have joined in the fun in the upcoming

and I needed to practice making some blocks before I
sew my blog hop project. 

So I sewed the 1.5" strips into sets of three 
and used my

to make Itsy-Bitsy BasiX units ...

... and then sewed them into blocks.

I decided to make coasters with my blocks ...

... sew I sandwiched them with 5" squares of
batting and backing fabric.

Here are my colorful new coasters!

My quilty kitties, Katniss and Maestro, are putting their heads together
and planning our project for the 

Looking forward to sewing and sharing! 


  1. I love those fabrics. Great use of the scraps.

  2. Your coasters turned out so cute! I have an BasiX Ruler, but haven't used it yet. Now you've got me thinking I need to dig it out! Wonderful use of fun scraps!

  3. Good Morning!
    These turned out so darn cute! This reminds me that I have a pattern I've been wanting to make with this ruler . . . now I just have to remember where I put all the pieces. HAHA!
    ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Great idea to use up those scraps. Very pretty!

  5. We’re on the same wave length, using up this scraps as we go! I love your coasters! I’ve never seen that ruler and am looking forward to the hop to learn more!

  6. I love those coasters,I will have to make some. Thank you for sharing!


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