Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yeah, 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop!

Here is my "Yeah, Eights" quilt top!

I am calling this quilt "April Flowers" 

I have really enjoyed sewing this pattern.

I sewed this quilt for the

For instructions on how to make this block,
go to Carla's original tutorial ... 

Block 18 - Yeah, Eights

This is the layout I used, four blocks by six blocks.

Strip piecing this block pattern made it very easy to quick sew
the 24 blocks needed for this quilt.

This made a 46" by 66" quilt,
a good toddler or lap size quilt.

I used these Riley Blake fabrics from my stash to make the basic top.

First I cut

TWO 3" by WOF strips  of each of four colors.

EIGHT 3" by WOF strips of background fabric

I cut 3" strips and used an easy strip pieced method,
pairing the eight bright strips with the background strips.

Then I pressed to nest and paired the strip sets.

Then Maestro, who was very helpful while the making of this quilt,
and I cut 3" strip pieced units.

I chain pieced these units to make the center of the blocks.

Then I cut TWELVE 3" background strips and
cut them into 48 rectangles 10.5" x 3"
and sewed them on either side of the center units.

Then I laid out my blocks,
four blocks across and six blocks down.

Although I liked the color play,
 the top was a little more low-volume
than I expected ...

what to do ???

I was seeing "April Showers" on gray pavement
and my grand-darling splashing in the puddles in this top ...

... so my mind went to "May Flowers"

so ...

I pulled out my Orange Peel Template Set and some Heat n Bond
and selected the 5" template to make petals and leaves.

Machine Appliqued

I really like how the flowers made the background colors pop!

When it came time to quilt, the girls were very helpful.

We chose a puffy batting, outlined the flowers
and stitched in the ditch along the square lines.
This gave it a "puff quilt" effect.

I decided on a girly forest animal print for the backing fabric
and added a pink ruffle binding.

For photos and info on my method for this type of ruffled binding,
here is a link to a previous post ...
Ruffle Binding - Read More Here

I also added ribbon tabs to hang small toys for little fingers.

This quilt will make a fun floor quilt for a baby
or a bed quilt for a toddler.

That is ... if Maestro will give it up.

I really like this quick to sew pattern and think it is very versatile.

Note:  Sewing this layout with pre-cut 2.5" strips:
Using jelly rolls would make this pattern even easier.
2.5" strips would make the blocks 8.25" unfinished, using a scant 1/4" seam
and would make a 39" by 55" quilt.


Carla @ Creatin' in the Sticks

for more quilts and chances to win.

Thank you, Carla, for this pattern and including me in this fun blog hop.

Happy blog hopping!


  1. I love the petals, adds a lot to the quilt.

  2. I can see why Maestro loves this quilt. When I saw it, I immediately thought of Starburst candies, although once I read your description, I could see the puddles of rain on the sidewalk, too. That's one of the reasons I love quilting--so much space for imagination.

  3. That was a great idea to use the pieced top as a background for applique. It really turned into a beautiful quilt!

  4. Very nice Pat, the flowers just make the quilt pop. You did a fabulous job, as always, love the ribbon tags and ruffle binding.

  5. Love the fabric you used, and the fact that you added the applique to make them pop.

  6. You make this quilt idea very tempting.

  7. WOWZERS, Pat, I love it. You had me with the colors and flowers, but then you add a ruffle and I'm to the moon with love. Thank you for the great post in the 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop and Quilt Along. I'm super inspired as I'm sure everyone is.

  8. Very cute quilt. I think your cat definitely loves your quilt! He looks comfy! Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  9. That is fantastic. It reminds me of that chart you are tested with at the eye doctor. Finding the blocks in the design when they are subtle is such fun. Adding the flowers and the ruffles make this a wonderful quilt.

  10. Wow! The flowers make it look totally different!!! :)

  11. You certainly made a simple block quilt stand out! I liked it even before the flower, but it is so darling with it.

  12. Love the addition of the flowers to this quilt. Beautiful quilt for a baby.

  13. Love the quilt! Love how the colors blend into each other, and the flowers scattered aabout. Great quilt!!

  14. I love your version of this quilt block. The applique flowers really do make those block/colors pop. Beautiful work. How did you make the ruffle binding and how do you attach it to the quilt?

  15. Your fabric choices are spot on perfect. Gorgeous quilt.

  16. Hi,
    This quilt turned out just beautiful! I love the addition of the flower pedals. Love, love, LOVE your fabric choices. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Oh I love the subtlety of this quilt. The flowers pop nicely, but still gently float on the soft background. And oh myyyyyyyy, the ruffle for a spectacular finish.

    From Puddles to Starburst Candies and even Eye Charts ... I didn't see any of these.
    Instead, I saw it as lace overlay on colours. A great twist to Carla's Yeah Eights!

  18. Love your fabric choices, and adding the applique flowers really pulled this all together. It is a wonderful soft and colorful quilt, and the ruffle is the perfect wrapping.

  19. I think it was a great idea to add the applique

  20. I adore your quilt! In the past year, I have fallen for grey fabrics after discovering how well they work with other fabric colors. Your ruffle binding is a perfect way to make this a girly girl quilt and I do indeed have a blast doing that also. Plus, applique is my favorite technique. So, thank you so much for sharing this lovely quilt with your great tutorial and information! I am going to sign up for your newsletter! Have a great day!

  21. I'm in love...this is beautiful, Pat! The ruffle is adorable with it!

  22. Such a pretty quilt. The colors and fabric design works well with the quilt design.

  23. Love this! What a great idea to make this block background and applique those stunning flowers on the top. It's beautiful!

  24. Pat, this is adorable - great design and I really like the applique' to pop the colors. Fun ruffle edge too! So fun, and there's nothing wrong with making a kitty quilt for Maestro! It looks like he was watching over every step anyway.... :)

  25. I've never put a ruffle on a quilt, I love it.

  26. Never would guess that this quilt came from that basic block. Fabric choice makes or brakes a quilt and your choice is fabulous.

  27. The petals really are a great addition to your cute quilt!

  28. I love the flower applique, and the ruffle binding.

  29. Such a simple block that make a big statement I can imagine many ways to use it

  30. I love your quilt! I really love the applique on background fabric! Beautiful!

  31. The applique flowers are the perfect finishing touch! Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  32. Wow! This turned out fabulous! The fabrics work great, and the layout plus the flowers - perfect! Well done!

  33. Well I won't blame maestro if he doesn't give it up. I love it. Using the same print throughout created such a cool look. And the flowers were the perfect finishing touch. Thanks so much for sharing.

  34. I love the applique flowers you added to your quilt - it is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  35. This quilt is perfect! I love how it is muted, I had to look closely for the pattern. This is one I will make!

  36. OMG...if that isn't one for seeing how different, different fabrics can make a quilt feel. I LOVE it!!!!! Great job Pat!

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