Friday, April 27, 2018

Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt Along

I love this pattern in these fabrics!

This fabric glows!

It started with this beautiful fat quarter bundle
of Ombre Metallic Confetti fabric from

These fabrics are luminous,
not just because of the metallic dots
or the sun in this photo.

The colors seem to glow in any light.
This photo was taken inside at midnight in shadowed light.

I chose these fabrics into the wonderfully easy 

from the

You can learn how to make this quilt at the

Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Video

Purchase the

Fat Quarter Cubes Quilt Kit

or choose your own fabrics for the

Fat Quarter Shop Cubes PDF Pattern Here

For  my quilt, I sorted my 18 Fat quarters into sections
and opted to use three yards of the confetti ombre metallic fabrics
for  my sashing and borders.

Here is the completed quilt top.

Here is the back of the quilt.
I used the gray ombre confetti and a piece of metallic Star Wars fabric from my stash.

When it came time quilt it, I wanted to accent the colors I used in the sashing strips,
so I chose three matching Aurifil thread colors.

Katniss was very helpful making and quilting this quilt.

One of the things I loved about this pattern is the fact the cutting directions
included cutting the strips to make this great multi-colored binding.

This photo was taken at the very end of daylight after a cloudy, rainy day.


I made this quilt for a Millennial who loves Star Wars.

Think this quilt hits the mark?

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a quilt.
I piece and quilt my quilts entirely on my home machine.

I have been having some health/medication issues that have been
keeping me and my doctor and pharmacist busy for awhile
and I have two followup appointments with my doctor
and need to see a couple of specialists
in the next few months.

Sewing keeps me going one stitch at a time.

Quilting is my happy place.

The sun came out today and I enjoyed my cup of java 
on the swing with my new quilt.

It is a good day.

May you have one, too. 

Thank you,
for another wonderful quilt along!



Very nice quilt and I love your 'quilting supervisor' in that one photo--
think he/she needs an extra treat for all that hard work!!
enjoy, di

Susan said...

I like this quilt. I would never have thought of putting all of those colors together, since they are not colors to which I am usually drawn. Must be because of all the help Katniss provided in making this quilt.

Sorry to hear about your medical/medication issues. I can totally empathize with you and will keep you in my prayers.

Cindy Maki said...

I bought some fabric with the shiny dots on it a while back and used it in a small lap quilt for a friend, but even after washing a couple of times, it was scratchy and I gave the rest away. I love the pattern for this one. So simple but sweet.

Kathleen said...

Oh this looks wonderful with this fabric! I just saw this pattern on another blog I follow and downloaded the instructions. I want to make it for a picnic quilt for my daughter some day. Wouldn't your fabric make a nice quilt to sit on during fireworks!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Ohh-la-la! I just LOVE, love, love these fabrics. I'm going on a buying binge right now - I need some of these in my stash right this minute. What a fun project!
~smile~ Roseanne

Said With Love said...

Gorgeous!! oh I soooo love the ombre confetti!!

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