Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Quilt For My Furbaby

Maestro says, "Purrrrr!"

"This Quilt is so comfy."

"I am getting my adult teeth 
and these chew toys are so nice!"

"Thank you, Mommy, for making me this quilt.  
I love you.  Purrrr!"

My furbaby is keeping this quilt.

I love you, too, Maestro. 

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  1. Maestro is stunning. Our old dog used to think every quilt I made was for him. If I laid one out on the floor to pin up he'd be lying on it before I could do anything. I used to have to wait until hubby took him for a walk and then ring to say it was safe to come home xx

  2. Aww, he is so sweet and cute.

  3. He didn't give this quilt up! :-) I'm glad the kitty is keeping the quilt. Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  4. Does this quilt make me look soft??? Adorable, I think they have bonded.

  5. That looks pretty comfortable to me.

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