Sunday, May 24, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday ~ Everly's Baby Quilt

A new hand stitch project!

A lovely lady who went to market sent me this lovely sampler of

I love the colors and threads!

I knew right away what I wanted to use this for ...

started this baby quilt for my granddarling Everly
when she was still a bump of a Sprout.

A friend hand quilted the center until life happened and she was only able
to complete the center of the quilt.  Now I am working on finishing it.
I have never hand quilted before.
After thoughts of machine quilting the rest, an attempt to use the same thread and stitch length as in the middle ... neither of which seemed the right solution ...
I concluded that these lovely threads were destined to finish this pretty baby quilty ...

I am off to a slow stitching start.

My thread and stitches will not be as small and even as those in the center,
but they shall be rounds of all these pretty colors for my grand-darling's little fingers to enjoy the colors and textures. 

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Have a Happy and Slow Sunday ... :)


  1. Delightful! This is going to be stunning. I love hand quilting but don't like doing it myself, much nicer to see your progress.

  2. This is so pretty...and your stitches look great to me. What nice gifts & to be able to finish up the baby quilt with such lovely thread is a treasure. Enjoy!

  3. The hand quilting looks so pretty and those threads look gorgeous.

  4. Perfect threads for your wonderful stitches! You are doing great!

  5. So very pretty! I love your hand quilting. I just don't have the neat stitches you have to do it or the patience.

  6. It's a very cute quilt! Those threads look yummy too-- how nice to receive them as a gift!

  7. your hand quilting looks as though you have been doing it for years, I do find it relaxing to do, unlike you I still do not machine quilt but hope to learn soon, have only done a few straight or not so straight lines so far

  8. It's absolutely fabulous! Hope you love every second of slow stitching :)

  9. Beautiful hand stitching. My slow stitching lately has been trying to learn to crochet chemo/preemie hats. Each of my daughter's two sons were preemies and you would never, never know it. Being a cancer survivor who was the baldest person at my daughter's wedding makes chemo hats near and dear to my heart. At times, I knit the hats and I'm trying to look at youtube videos and learn to crochet from them. I cannot read a pattern and know where in the previous row to put my hook through the stitch. I have made plain granny square crocheted afghans in the long ago past and this is sure different. My church has a hat program (any decorated baseball cap or knitted or crochet hat) and donates the hats locally in the Tulsa area. I'm trying to find a new purpose for my life since I can't seam to get into my quilting groove. I get excited about a quilt and then am bored after about one block. I think it's called fibromyalgia to the max. That in no way means the hats are flying of the hook, either. I'm thrilled to see your hand quilting. I hand quilted very similar quilts about fifteen months ago for my brother's twin grandchildren. They are a boy and girl so I made them basically charm squares among white charms and white sashing with the same fabrics there unisex and hand quilted them. I made a detailed label for each complete with the meaning of their names and why I chose the color around the label. When my brother visited his son, my nephew made sure my brother saw the labels. My brother thought I had spelled the girl's name incorrectly and I was going to have to remake the label - nope, he was incorrect. All those kids have three name plus a 10 letter last night which was my maiden name. I saw a picture of the baby and now becoming a toddler. Glad you had a slow stitch day.

  10. I love all this slow stitching of yours. So beautiful - as is the baby quilt. I think I better get some slow stitching done too.

  11. That hand-stitching is so pretty - I love it!


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