Friday, May 15, 2015

Quilt Blogger's Festival 2015 ~ Original Design Category

I would like you to meet Morgan!

Morgan is my grand-darling Everly's first cousin.

I have been blessed to occasionally take care of this adorable baby boy.

Morgan loves the color red.

I designed and made this red, white and blue quilt for him.  

Morgan and I welcome you to our entry into the
category in the

A big "Thank you!" to Amy @ Amy's Creative Side
for putting this big beautiful online quilt show together for us!

Here is Morgan's Quilt ...

This is my 

 an original block and layout designed by me. 

I designed this Envelope Block for this quilt.

Quilt Size:   47 inches by 55 inches


Aurifil threads: 50/2 Mako Cotton, 
Blue 2730, Red 2250, White 2024 and Gray 2605

Quilted on my home machine, Janome 6600p

back of quilt

The tutorial for this quilt appears in four parts on the
where I was guest blogging.

A free pdf for this tutorial is available at the end of Part 4.

The matching Airmail Envelope Pillow was made with extra blocks and fabric from the quilt. 
A tutorial for this pillow may be found HERE on my blog.

Airmail Envelope Quilt Tutorial

The layout and setting requirements for this quilt may be found HERE.

Layout and fabric requirements for alternative colorways for this quilt may be found HERE

Morgan is very happy with his quilt and sew am I.

We hope you have enjoyed this quilt, too.

May you enjoy the Spring 2015 Quilt Bloggers Festival as much as I am.

Sew many beautiful quilts!

Thank you for stopping my my blog today ...  :)


  1. I'm not sure which is cuter, the quilt or Morgan!

  2. You know we loved the quilt as it was...but that adorable little one! It's over the top now! ;-)

  3. What a bright and cheerful quilt!

  4. Oh that little Morgan is too cute! I don't think you could come up with a better photo - beautiful quilt and cute little darling - then I scroll down and see a cuter picture of him! Really great quilt - love the blocks, color and the quilting.

  5. I'm having cutie patutie overload! Oh my...isn't he a doll?! So glad your fabulous quilt has such a great recipient.... a treasure, for sure!

  6. The Quilt is so very nice :-)
    LG, Gudrun

  7. Pat, you did a great job on such a bright cheerful quilt for Morgan! I think he'll love this quilt forever!

  8. I just have to ask, how did you ever finish that super quilt with this bundle of sweetness around? Morgan is a cutie!

  9. What an amazing quilt! Lovely design and color choices! Oh, and little Morgan is adorable!

  10. Absolutely amazing! And what a precious baby boy!


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