Sunday, April 12, 2015

I am Guest Blogging at Bear Creek Quilting Company!

Katniss says, "It is time to show our new quilt!"

This quilt was designed by me and inspired by this bright and happy fabric:

The fabric and opportunity to share this quilt with you 
was provided by the wonderful people at ... 

A four part tutorial for making this quilt will be starting today on the

A lot of quilty kitty help went into the making of this quilt.

Katniss carefully checks every part of the process.

Katniss says,  "You missed  a thread end over here.
You better fix it.  
This has got to look purrrrrrfect!

Butterfly says, "Katniss is not sharing.  I feel left out.
Remember that I am The Cat?" 

Butterfly must test all my quilts for comfort.

Butterfly says,  "You missed a thread end over here.
You better fix it.
This quilt has to be purrrrrrrfect."

Although I did not know it yet,
Butterfly was not feeling all that well in this photo.
I am happy to say she is healing well.

Here is our quilt!

So you do not miss an installment, be sure to follow the 

Part 2 ~ Making the Envelope Quilt Block

will appear next Sunday.

I hope some of you may be finding some fabrics and sewing along!

for sponsoring this quilt tutorial and hosting us today!

The outdoor photos of this quilt were taken on a canal walk in the

Lowell National Historical Park

in my hometown!

Lowell is also home to the

New England Quilt Museum

Come visit us sometime!

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  1. How could this not be purrfect?! (It really is a darling quilt!)

  2. I wanna rub that belly!!! OMG!

  3. This is really a gorgeous quilt, and Katniss in the first picture makes it purrfect!

  4. Your quilt turned out so beautiful and cute with those little envelopes of the whole thing! I'm glad Katniss is feeling better.

  5. Pat-
    It is a real treat to welcome you to our team of blog contributors. Your block design was amazing and your quilt is adorable. You are an inspiration! ~Shari

  6. I tried and I tried...then I gave up... I couldn't make a comment go thru on the Bear Creek page, but I wanted you to know that this is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Looking forward to it. ;-)

  7. Oh Pat , I love this quilt just as much as your kitties do . As usual the creativity you have is wonderful. Did you get the e-mail I? Hugs


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