Thursday, April 16, 2015

Latte Cafe Quilt ~ Free Tutorial

Latte Cafe Tablecloth Quilt

This quilt was designed and made for the

Fabric Requirements and Cutting:

All fabric requirements and cutting is based on having 42" usable Width of Fabric (WOF)

For stripped border units and inner and outer borders:

1/4 yard (WOF)

Cut One 6.5" strip by WOF

1/4 yard (WOF)

Cut FOUR 1.5" strips by WOF

 3/4 yard

Cut SIX 1.5" strips by WOF
Cut SIX 2" strips by WOF

1/4 Yard (WOF)

Cut TWO 3.5 strips by WOF

 1/3 Yard (WOF)

Cut FOUR 2.5" strips by WOF

For center square and corner stones:

Fabric needed:  1 Yard

(I cut these AFTER sewing and measuring my strip sets)

Cut ONE 24" square
Cut FOUR 10.5" squares

Binding Fabric:  1/2 yard

Cut SIX 2.5 strips by WOF

Sewing The Quilt Top:

I did not have a pattern for this quilt.

I played with the fabric by folding and stacking it with the idea
of making strip-pieced border units for the sides.

Then I started cutting my strips.

I cut the strips in graduated widths:

6.5" for the center dots,
3.5 for the yellow coffee beans for the center of each side,
2.5 for the cafe cream word print to frame the yellow,
1.5" for the red to frame the wider strips
and the 1.5" dark brown espresso swirls on either side.

The I sewed the two strip sets for each side

and then I sewed each unit to a side of the dot fabric.

Then I cut off the selvages on either end of the strip pieced WOF units.

I based the border on the width of fabric.

I planned four 10.5 inch border pieces.

Here is are the strip pieced units laid out with the red fabric and the brown inner border strips.

I measured the strip units from side to side and cut a 24" center squares and

four 1.5" dark brown strips, which I sewed to the sides of the red square.

At one point I though I was going to make pieced corner blocks
but after cutting the center square there was just enough of the red cup fabric left
to make corner stones and it seemed meant to be.

My hubby thought the corner block idea would make it "too busy."
I am inclined to ask the men in my life what they think whenever they walk though my sewing area.
My hubby attends a lot of quilt shows with me.
My son, who is living at home right now, is a design engineer and he always studies it a bit
and I can see the design wheels turning in his head before he speaks.

Sew ...

I sewed one strip unit to opposite sides of the center and then sewed a corner stone red square to each end of the remaining strip units and sewed them to the other two sides.

Then I sewed the dark brown 2" strips to form the outer border.

My top was done!

This top was made in about two hours and much of the time was spent
checking the math to make sure it would all fit together.

This really was one of the quickest and easiest quilts I have ever made.

I will use this technique again, I think, using a jelly roll and a focus fabric.

It would make a quick and easy good baby quilt.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer.

I will post a tutorial for making the backing and finishing the quilting tomorrow!

~ <3 ~


  1. Great job! Thanks a bunch. xo

  2. Very nice the quilting pattern you did.

  3. I like the tablecloth, clever and fun.. So useful to. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. Love that tablecloth.

  5. Pat, your tablecloth topper turned out wonderful! I love how colorful it is and how well it showcases the fabrics.

  6. What a great way to show off some larger prints. Thanks for doing all the math :-). Anything related to coffee wins my heart, too, so I like this one double!

  7. LOL!!'s always that blasted math that trips us up! Thanks for a great tut!

  8. I'm ready for coffee! Looks great!

  9. Not fond of the math either but it was worth it. Great quilt.

  10. Fun quilting! Makes me dizzy thinking of all your time spent, but it was worth it! Love the rich reds you used!


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