Sunday, April 26, 2015

Airmail Envelope Quilt Part 3 is up ~ and More Envelope Block Fun!

Airmail Envelope Quilt Tutorial

and a generous

I love making these blocks ...

sew I made a few more!

For my complete 

When I was designing this block,

I made this test block.  

Then I asked a few of my helpful stitchin' sisters to test 
the cutting and piecing instructions for me. 

This is the block that my friend Cherie made.

She was making blocks 12 inch blocks to bring to a guild event
so she sewed three more blocks and created this wonderful...

12.5" unfinished block

Thanks, Cherie!   I love this block!

So for my post today I decided to make up some more variations for a 12 inch block.

Sew I sewed four 6.5" envelope blocks

and came up with FOUR possibilities for a 12" finished block:

Block 1 : "Cherie's Inbox"

Block 2 : Mail Drop

Block 3 : Mail-a-Go-Round

Block 4 : Outbox

Which shall I choose to make a pillow?

1 ? ... 2 ?? ... 3 ???... 4 ????

Please help me decide .... :) 

Remember to visit and comment on the

Bear Creek Quilting Company Blog!

today to enter their giveaway!

Come back next Sunday for

Part 4 ~ Quilting and Finishing 

Shari @ Bear Creek Quilting Company

when the winner will be announced

and, by request, pdf files for all parts of the tutorial will be available on their blog.

Enjoy ... :)


  1. I vote for #3, second choice would be #2.

  2. Pat! They are all wonderful but I like #3 best!

  3. I think #4 is my favorite. I'm loving all the tutes for the airmail block!

  4. Those are all some great secondary designs Ms Pat. I like 3 and 4 the best, they would make great pillows.

  5. I love that #3 in those cue envelopes!


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