Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Beautiful Birds are flying in soon!

Katniss says, "No sneak peaks!"

Here she is perched atop the large bookcase where I have my temporary design wall.

I was trying to fold down the batting to pin up my project and she is having none of it.
She thinks the batting is there for her comfy convenience.
She does have her very own basket up there to curl up in
... but she obviously did not wish to be disturbed
... or she wished to catch the birds
... or my hand.
Katniss is quite fiesty sometimes.

Katniss says that you must come back Friday to see our birds.

Thanks Lana and Madame Samm

for organizing this wonderful hop.

It shall be a breath of spring air!



  1. My Amber has decided that my design wall is her new play toy and keeps launching herself from the table to the wall and then waiting for me to say, GET DOWN!. She then jumps back to the table and just looks at me. I guess it's a great game for a 6 month old kitten. Good thing she's a runt and only weighs 4.6 lbs and is to cute to stay mad at.

  2. Zeus has been trying to help me quilt Scott's quilt. He loves to lie on it because it is flannel and soo soft.


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