Thursday, December 12, 2019

I Like Thursday # 36 ~ Home Sweet Home

I like to be Home.

I have been home since late Sunday night and have been doing lots of snuggling 
under the quilts with the kitties. 

Katniss, who is older and whom we have had the longest,
met us at the door with her big eyes.
Katniss takes these things in stride.

My Boys  alternate house sitting, coming and going and feeding and petting them.

All My Kitties love My Boys. 

My kitties are happy we are home.

Nutmeg has strong memories of a traumatic life in shelters
or being abandoned by someone she loved.
When we came in she was hiding under the bed and did not come out 
and up to snuggle until the lights were out.

Now every time I sit, Nutmeg is on my lap, purring.

Maestro is very loving and forgiving and is following me around everywhere.

Maestro says, "Mommy, please don't go away again
but I will wait for you and love you if you do."

Maestro is next to me now as close as she can comfortably nap near my computer.

I love being home with my cuddly kitties.

I am very much a home body,
a stay at home quilter and stitcher
who loves all of my online quilty friends.

Thank you for visiting me and reading my rambles
and supporting my efforts.

Since it is Thursday, I am linking up today with the 

I came home to almost two feet of snow and freezing temperatures.
Then it warmed up and rained and we got rid of all but the big piles.
Then it got cold again and snowed.
Today it is sunny and very cold.
By the weekend it will rain and maybe snow again. 
I do like the four seasons in my quilty corner of the world. 

New England (and my kitties) have welcomed me home.
Let it snow!

Happy Thursday! 


Julierose said...

Same weather here in SE CT!! Your lovable kitties are beautiful...
I like being home too; my hubby said yesterday"I'm done with wanting to travel anymore..."
we are two homebodies for sure...hugs, Julierose

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! I was wondering how it was when you got home, and how the kitties held up. I feel bad that Nutmeg was a bit of feelings regression while you weren't home but seemed to recover quickly. And home to TWO FEET of snow. Holy moly. Enjoy your sewing and stay safe and dry. ~smile~ Roseanne said...

Awe the kitties are so sweet. I am sure they are glad to have you home to love them. Glad you made it home safely even though you have some crazy weather.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

The kitties did well and how nice to be home together snuggling and enjoying the season. Interesting how our pets have their distinct personalities, isn't it.
Love those table runners you made and your cross stitching too.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Such adorable kitty cats! Loved seeing their photos and hearing about them! Stay home and safe during this tough weather season! Happy sewing!

claudia said...

I am much like you in the sense that I love being home! My daughter keeps telling me I need to get out and meet people and hang out with them. She doesn't quite understand the intricacies of our age. I keep telling her I paid my dues while working in a retail environment and now I get to reap the benefits!
On that note...welcome home, I know it feels wonderful even though your travels were fantastic. The kitties are so sweet, and so great to come home to I am sure. Thank goodness for your boys taking good care of the homefront.
I will be looking forward to future posts from you!