Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stash Busting

I am continuing to use up the extra fabric from my blue/yellow/green Mystery Quilt.

When I finally decided to make reverse color blocks for the corners of my extra wide borders, the cutting instructions in the original pattern were for five blocks; so I just made up the extra block. Then I dug out a pillow form that has been in my closet in its sealed plastic bag for at least two years. When I sorted through my scraps, I found some 3.5 inch squares that were a cutting error and decided to make prairie points for an edging.

I made up the prairie points and the sewed on the backing last night during the break between the periods while my Big Bad Bruins were winning the Stanley Cup.
Woo-hoo!!! WTG, Bruins!!

Here is a picture of the back showing the wide, fold-over backing I like to make so that is easily removable to for washing.

I have had to add some other fabrics from my stash to fill in where the original fabric has been used up. This pillow includes a green tone-on-tone that is the same line as the lighter blue in the quilt. I also made four blocks that I did not use for the cornerstones in my custom borders. Today's project will be using those extra blocks to make pillow shams for my two king-size bed pillows.

As you can see, Butterfly is loving the new quilty comforts ...

Jess at the Quilt & Needle has a new Mystery Weekend coming soon. It is being scheduled soon for a weekend in July. I am really looking forward to her next pattern! Hope we have the fabric requirement soon so I can do some more stash busting!

Have a happy, quilty day ... :) Pat


  1. Oh how lovely your ideas are! I like the Prairie Points around the pillow too. I see Butterfly LOVES your handiwork too! lol

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Great use of leftover fabrics and I do like what you have been making too xxx

  3. wow. I like the prairie points on the pillow and your cat seems to like them too.



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