Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Life Gives You Scraps

My Sunflower Table Topper is finally done!

This top was Made From Scraps from my Sunflower wall quilt.
The piecing method called for sewing corner squares on the Kansas Dugout blocks and cutting off the extra triangles.  These were very large triangles so I sewed an extra seam as I went and cut off the HSTs and used them to make this smaller quilt which is my own layout.

I put the last of the binding stitches on the table runner yesterday.  With the birthdays and such, it was a busy weekend.  Yesterday was My Girl's Birthday and she spent part of her day with me and brought her puppy.  So I had a great day but did not get much sewing done.

On Sunday Charlie and I made our first trip to our favorite orchard to pick early apples, late blueberries and get our first gallons of apple cider for the season. We like Carlson Orchards on their beautiful hilltop in Harvard for our fall harvesting.  They also make yummy apple crisp and have now added apple cider donuts to their shop sampling.  We think the Carlson Orchards Premium Blend Cider that they sell in their shop is the best we have ever tasted.  Sometimes you can find their cider in stores in the area, but the stuff they sell in their own store is the best.

Since we had big bags of beautiful Cortlands, MacIntosh and Royal Gala apples, of course, i had to bake pie.  On late Sunday night, my hubby and our oldest son, Jon, could not sleep until I cut into that first pie of the season.  This one is ...

Dutch Apple Pie

... with a crumb topping.

I enjoyed the fruits of my labors today for a late morning snack ...


Now there is only one piece left.  My hubby just called during his lunch break and asked me when there will be blueberry muffins.  That is on the menu for dessert tonight.  We did pick enough of those small native blues for a pie, too.  I am planning that one for the end of the week when our Matty will be home to enjoy it, too.  Matty and I share a love of berry pies.  Matt likes apple, berry and other fruit pies best.  Marissa likes pumpkin best.  Charlies and Jon like apple and pumpkin pies best.

I like pie ... all pies ... yum!

I am working on my choice of blocks for the Block Exchange at The Quilt and Needle.  I picked The Old Red and Blue block at Quilter's Cache.  There are still openings and time to sign up and join in this quilty fun, so come and swap with us!

Pictures of my blocks ... and blueberry muffins ...  coming soon!

Have a Happy Quilty Day

... live, love, give thanks ... and remember ...



  1. Carlson is a beautiful orchard. And now they have apple cider donuts? I'm wishing I lived closer! We have a great orchard here, though, so I won't go without. :)

    The pie and the table topper both look delicious. :)

  2. I had to buy my apples at the grocery store, but I just had a helping of Apple Crisp! Yum!

  3. Me too. I like any kind of pie. Beautiful quilt too.


  4. Lovely topper Pat! And mmm to your pies! I've made the first apple/bb one of the year too, and boy did it hit the spot!

    My girl also prefers pumpkin :)


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