Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friendship x and + Swap

x and + Blocks

One day a week ago a post caught my eye at
Jane's Fabrics and Quilts.
Jane was telling about this lovely block swap she had found.

I followed the links to ...

Lolly Quiltz

This wonderful swap is being hosted by

Carla @ Lollyquiltz


Susan @ Patchwork Play

Click on either of the blogs above for all the details.

The tutorial for how to make these blocks may be found in this link:
Amy @ BadSkirt

These blocks are fun and easy to make!

As Jane says ... "just one click" ...

and may you be on your way to making a friendship quilt with your
"invisible friend" !

Susan and Carla have offered to help you make a new friend for this swap.

When I read about this swap and thought of all the lovely quilty "invisible friends" that I have made online over the last few years, one name stands out.

So I sent an email to

Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts 

and said "Will you be my friend?

Happily she agreed!

Dorian and I have decided to make throw size quilts,
8 blocks x 9 blocks.
As the blocks measure 7.5" when finished,
our quilts will be 60" by 67.5" without added borders

We are going to make six blocks per month and send three for one year starting at the end of this month and next year for Christmas we will have pretty new quilts to snuggle under with a good book and a cuppa.

Rather than choose a special design seed palette, we have decided to make scrappy quilts using whatever scrap fabrics we have in our stash. 
After comparing scrap stashes, we have chosen to make our blocks using one gray fabric as a neutral somewhere in each block to give the eye a little rest and tie the blocks together. The other colors we have chosen as guidelines are
green, yellow, pink, blue, orange and purple
with the gray.

Here are the fabrics I pulled from my stash when I was looking for what to use to make my first month's blocks.  There are more than a few Kate Spain fabrics here as she is my favorite fabric designer. The rest are very random selections.  Most of them are less than a fat quarter pieces and some are only strips and will only appear once or twice in my blocks.

For more pictures and info on this swap visit the Flickr Group that Carla and Susan have set up for this swap.

Hope to see you finding a friend and joining in this swap!

~ <3 ~


  1. Oh Pat, I am so glad you joined. I love making these blocks. Simple yet fun. I love what you have made. Grey is a great idea. I agree a quilt needs somewhere for the eye to rest. I cannot wait to see more blocks as the months go on. I sure hope more quilters join in on the fun.

  2. Hi Pat what fun I love the colors you picked and the block is really a cool block.
    How are you doing after all of your surgery's and Dr. Appointments. I just haven't been able to shake the flu but today I finally sat down and worked on the quilt I am making my son for Christmas. It is just a real easy flannel one that I am making to replace the one that finally fell apart. Then I would like to do some Christmas gifts (he he). I am so slow they will be next years.

  3. Really love the blocks. I wish wish wish I could join too

  4. Your blocks are so colorful and fun! I'm so glad that you have joined the swap and look forward to seeing your quilt grow and grow!

  5. Such a splash of splendor!! Can't wait to see it all finished!


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