Friday, November 22, 2013

Penny Patch Cut and Ready to Sew!

Katniss says, "It is about time! 
Where have you been?
I have been right here in the sewing room waiting for you."

Penny Patch Quilt-Along

The Penny Patch Quilt-Along is in full swing at
and there are some great quilts in the
I best get sewing if I am going to join in!

I am making an Apple Pie Penny Patch quilt.

Here are my fabrics:

I  picked these fabrics a month ago and was ready to go and posted this here in 
  and then while I was waiting for the cutting requirements, I got busy with other projects and these pretty fabrics sat in stack in my sewing room.

This is my color scheme: 

Fabric A - green

Fabric B - red

Fabric C ... pop color ... yellow

Low Volume
(hmmm ... looks like I shall be moving the dark check over to the red/black side)

Fabric N - the squares in the front.

I am making a twin-sized Penny Patch Quilt.

When I fussy cut the squares from the apple pie recipe print,
I had some small pieces left over so I cut them to 2" squares rather than cut a strip
so I could save the remaining print for another project.

Here are my cut 2" strips. 

You can really see the contrast here between the colors and the low volume.
That black/white check is definately getting moved left as it sticks out too much to be low volume and the light green/red print with the white background will be moved over to the middle with the lighter fabrics.

Here are all my squares.

Time to sew!

My 1st 2 Penny Patch Blocks!

Katiniss and I will be in our sewing room.

Have a happy quilty day!



  1. Oh Pat, I am in love with your fabric choices. I cannot wait to see more of your progress. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I swear, we should shop together. You pick the greatest fabrics. What an eye for color and pattern you have.

  3. How pretty your fabrics are! I will enjoy seeing your progress.


  4. Gorgeous fabrics! :) Katniss looks very contemplative. What a sweet face!

  5. Hi Pat
    Love the fabric this is going to be such a pretty quilt. I will have to send you a picture of my Zeus next time I am sewing he lies right up against the machine then goes to sleep . They are sure funny but good company. Blessings hope all is well.


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