Monday, September 8, 2014

Slow Stitching ~ POTC Blocks

Patchwork of the Crosses Block #2
(in progress)

I am planning to make a table runner with this ...

 ... pretty floral border print and set these blocks on point.

Over the weekend I did some

Slow Sunday Stitching

Slow Stitching

backstitch basting

I have decided to use a single strand of this lovely

Aurifil 12/2 embroidery weight cotton thread

and a large eye embroidery needle.

This is working very well for me with my vision issues and achy fingers.

 I purchased this spool recently at a quilt show from

and I will definitely purchase more of this thread.

It is silky smooth and does not twist or tangle.

I plan to hand quilt this quilt and this is my thread of chose.

This was my first block layout.

I played with the pieces a little ...

and decided this will be my 1st POTC Block

I like the floral wreath in the center.

Ladder stitching the honeycombs together.

I sewed the center of my 1st block together on Sunday and will be
hand stitching slowly when I take breaks from my machine sewing.

[ Edit: 9/9 ... I am learning as I go ...
Last night I switched back to a double strand of my 40/2 ply Aurifil quilting thread for sewing the honeycombs together so that my stitches will be finer and less visible.  I am still using the single strand of embroidery weight for basting.

A note about needles ... I use

John James embroidery needles

I have been using John James Needles
for many years and buy them at a nearby shop.
These needles are the best in my opinion as the eyes are easy for me to thread. The eyes are also "de-burred" and I find I am less likely to fray or break threads.]

I am planning to make a table runner with this and set these blocks on point
and frame it with the border print.

I am really addicted to these blocks and as a birthday gift
I have ordered some fabric for a large quilt
and they are on the way to my mailbox.
Photos of these fabrics as soon as they arrive!

Have a happy quilty week!



  1. What a pretty block! Love how the flowers form that circle in the center.

  2. Wow! You sure know how to fuzzy cut them. That wreath in the center is so lovely. Great work.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog today and signed up. This is beautiful. I love making hexies but haven't tried the other shapes. I also love Aurifil 50 weight for machine piecing but never tried their heavier weights. I recently discovered Valdani and Cosmo and enjoy using them for embroidery. I'll have to look for the heavier Aurifil thread.

  4. That block is gorgeous. I love what you did with the border print. Those colors are so pretty.

  5. Wow Pat! Love your POTC block!!! You did a great job putting that wreath in the center and the stripe around the outside :) My favorite part of doing these blocks is the fussy cutting to get all the fun effects!!!

  6. What a beautiful block! I love the flower wreath you ended up with in the center.

  7. Loved all your quilts the gingham baby quilt is very cute....and so is you granddaughter really liked the leaf mug rug...

  8. Beautiful blocks. I ordered my paper pieces and acrylic templates last week when Paper Pieces had a site wide sale. I haven't even opened my box of goodies yet. I have been in love with POTC for quite a while and had a book for about a year. I'm slow in getting started. I bought a piece of stripe at the LQS last week. They don't have much striped fabric at all. I only found one striped piece and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Jan told me she started with solids. Yours are amazing. Of course, I didn't expect anything less. Job well done. I'm hoping with all the paper pieces that I bought that I'll be able to see to piece them.

  9. I love this block and want to give it a try.

  10. love these blocks, have got the plastic template and have started cutting out the fabrics. I found the Lucy Boston book in the library and thought I would like this but when I went on amazon it was over £500! needless to say did not buy it

  11. How lovely. Can't wait to see the tablerunner completed.


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