Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin Update

This is my beautiful RR in the making!

Gina added this wonderful border last month 
and I am just getting to posting this in our

I love this border!

It is the perfect border at the perfect time.

Gina has a knack for this.

In the RR that I am working on Gina added the middle border
of our five rounds and hers is the defining border in the RR.
It provides the focus and turning point in the rounds.
building on the past and turning outward to the last rounds.

In my RR Gina's task was to frame the center 
and prepare the way for the final border.

I think her border is just what my RR needed.

I love sawtooth borders.
 The subtle choice in the paisley and background fabrics 
really lightens this quilt in the making.
It compliments the scrappy snowballs in the previous border 
and points outward to the last frame.

I am really looking forward to this beauty coming home after
my stitchin' sister Annette adds her final border magic.

The last border is always a surprise package
for the owner of the RR.

No pictures are posted until the RR makes it way home.

The excitement is building!



  1. It looks beautiful with that border...nice!

  2. It looks wonderful! Can't wait to see what the final border is!

  3. So many talented quilters. That quilt is beautiful!

  4. Another really gorgeous quilt, as I am catching up on reading my blogs I wonder if you have arrived safe and sound at your daughter's? Blessings Sandra


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