Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Fabric Filled Valentine!

Isn't this sweet?

Candy for the eye on a cold, gray winter day.

This pretty fabric filled valentine arrived as a surprise from my friend

Thank you, Jeanie!

This has really brightened my day ... :)

Looks gloomy, eh?

That is where my sewing machine has been sitting to catch the eastern sun.

It is a bay wall and we have ice dams on the roof.

The ice has edged under the eaves and is ...
drip ... drip ... dripping 
... into my dining room.

I have moved my sewing machine to  dining table / cutting table for now.
A better solution will hopefully be found soon.

Hopefully spring is coming soon.

Katniss and I say thanks for small blessings.

... just keep sewing ...


  1. Looks like you need a little brightening....geeze..... this winter has been brutal, especially in your area. Spring just can't arrive soon enough. Be safe!

  2. Yikes. I hope spring is coming soon.

  3. Lovely little gift Pat. I'm sorry about your dripping eaves! ugh, hope it thaws soon and stops entering the house.

  4. Sorry about you leak. Mother Nature is certainly showing her rage this winter. With all the thoughtless development going on, she has lots to complain about!

  5. What a sweet surprise! And it sounds like it was very well timed. I am so sorry to hear about the leak, those are so frustrating. Sending warm thoughts your way!


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