Friday, February 20, 2015

Warm Up with a Latte

This lovely newly arrived fabric is 

The red is this fabric is the perfect match to the accent color in my kitchen
and my kitchen could use a little brightening up.

Sew ...

I am joining in this quilty fun!


Sign ups are open!

for all you need to know!

Hope to see you joining in the fun!

In my stash I had a panel from this older collection from

Home is in the Kitchen by Clothworks

I am thinking I may use some of this panel in my blog hop project.

I have lots of ideas for this one and one design in process.

Today while I was fondling these pretty fabrics another idea popped in my head.

I shall have to see what I shall sew.

On the homefront, my ceiling has dried a little
but that could just be because everything on the roof is frozen again
as we are having bitterly cold weather.

The forecast for the weekend is not too good ...

snow changing to freezing rain changing to heavy rain and then plunging below zero again.

On Tuesday I will be having laser eye surgery again.

After this I will be taking a rest and recovery break from blogging for a few days.

... just keep sewing ...



  1. That looks like a fun collection! I do not drink coffee, but I am always drawn to coffee fabric...I haven't a clue. :) Adding you to my prayers on Tuesday! And with your forecast, I think some downtime, under a couple of quilts for a few days of recuperation, sounds like a good idea.

  2. Nice collection of fabrics. Cute little mug rug!
    Hope your eye surgery is a success, dear.

  3. I love those fabrics and have started sewing with them. I hope you get some warm weather and that your eye surgery goes smoothly with a quick recovery!

  4. Those are yes great fabrics ! I like it better than the bird.

  5. Beautiful fabric, I will be praying that all goes well with your surgery. Blessings Sandra

  6. Oooh! You picked up some of the prints I did and more! These fabrics are fabulous. I cannot wait to see how you use yours! I also hope your eye is recovering well.


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