Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilts and Swaps are Springing!

The sun has at last come out again in the northeast! The rivers will still run high for a few more days but the deluge is passed. The windows are open and the winter quilts are getting tucked away. Above is my favorite spring wall quilt. (You may click on the images to enlarge either of these two pictures to see the fabric and quilting details.) I made this quilt two years ago and it was my first attempt at adding some free motion quilting to my stitch in the ditch and contour quilting on my home machine. I am still pretty proud of the stipple on the mint green that help to make the flower basket stand out. This was also my first medallion quilt. I found the center "Grape Basket Block" on Block Central ...

... and I just kept adding borders until it felt like it was "done." The green basket weave fabric always makes me think of Easter baskets and bunnies. I liked these colors so much that last spring, I took the scraps and added some strips left from my Spring Flower Swap Fabric and made place mats and pot-holders. For a tutorial on how to make the pot holders follow these easy directions for "Quick Hot Pads and Coasters" from Jess on the Quilt & Needle ...


What have I been working on lately? I have been catching up on some swaps and blocks, like these pretty blue and yellow ones for the April "My Favorite Block" lotto on Block Central ... I sure have my fingers crossed that I win all these pretties ...

... and I am working the new Mystery at the Q&N. Here are my fabrics ...

I am still on the early instalments so I will post more pictures later. I love these Stonehenge fabrics.

Last Saturday I braved the rain and went to the first Quilt Guild Show of the season that was an hour and a half drive from my home. It was the Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild's Biennial Show and it was very well run. There were many beautiful quilts to see. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! I also stopped at two wonderful quilt shops that are a little too far away to visit often ... I am already thinking I want to go back soon though. Charlie found some Asian fabric and magazines and I added to my Stonehenge fabric stash ... two of my purchases are going to find their way into my mystery quilt. :-)

Back to sewing ... have a happy, quilty day! :-) Pat


  1. Pretty, pretty! I can't wait to see your mystery pics.

  2. So, on your Grape basket quilt, did you stitch in the ditch before you did the stippling? This is something I plan on trying soon and I'm not real sure about how to get started.

  3. Delia ... Thanks! I am slowly working on that mystery. In the end, my quilt may look a bit different from the others. I am loving the pattern as is ... I may just be adjusting the size to better fit a need. So I shall continue to be mysterious here for awhile ...;-)

    Sherry ... This was very much a "learn as you go" project. I worked from the center outward with the quilting and, yes, I did first stitch in the ditch around the trianges that form the basket. Then I did the stipple around the basket. Next I stitched around the edges of the first scrappy border. Then I did the stipple in the first narrow green border. I proceeded to the contour quilting in the on point setting triangles and then did the stiple in the next narrow border, etc. Did you notice that you can enlarge the first two photos to see the details? The blue and yellow swap block is laid on the backing fabric of the basket quilt so you can see some of the bobbin stitching there. I found my aging home machine is very particular about quilting thread. Guttermann 100% cotton worked best for this and it took a lot more thread than I had first anticipated. I have since done one bed-size quilt in a similar manner using King Tut quilting thread, but I would much rather rent the long-arm at the quilt shop for larger projects. Hope this helps ... you can do it, Sweetie! :-) Pat

  4. Pat, the spring quilt is SO CHEERY! We've been having wonderful weather but today it turned colder. Jenn is in Chicago for the weekend and she said it's snowing there so you might have a bit more on the way...

    I need to get my blue and yellow block made for the BC swap... I like the one you made :)


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