Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Flower Show ... and a Quilt Show, Too!

A few more photos of the exhibits at the Boston Spring Flower Show to brighten my dark and rainy day. The ground is saturated and there is nowhere for the water to go! The rivers are at flood stage or over their banks. Fortunately we live on a hill and are high and our basement is dry. I am staying in and sewing and visiting with my quilty pals online today ... and enjoying the pretty pictures from the weekend ... and looking forward to better weather. As soon as the sun comes out again the forsythia in our backyard will burst into bloom like the ones in this photo. Yellow and green are just my favorite colors.

It was a fun-filled event weekend. On Saturday, my husband and I also went to a quilt guild show in Needham, MA, that was hosted by the Quinobequin Quilters ...

which was just wonderful! It was not the largest of shows in terms of number of quilts or vendors or venue, but ,oh my, the quilts they displayed were all so unique and just beautiful! My husband even had a difficult time filling out a Viewer's Choice card. Many times we attend a show and he does not even find one quilt that appeals to him enough to vote. This time we actually went around in circles with our little pencil crossing out and changing our choices. We wish we could have voted for many more quilts. It shall be interesting to go visit their website to see their announcement of which of these beauties were chosen. Here is a photo of both mine and my husband's choice for large quilt ...

This is an intricate applique quilt is called, I believe, "Ladies of the Sea" and was made by Kelly Savignano. Each tall ship is different and the border has wonderful swags of applique flowers. The card said it took two years for her to make. This same amazing quilter made this small quilt called "Sunset at the Bourne Bridge" which was my husband's choice for small wall quilt. For those of you not familiar with Cape Cod, the Bourne Bridge spans the Cape Cod Canal. For an idea of just how true to image this quilt is, I am also posting a public domain file image of the actual bridge at sunset. I love landscape quilts although I have never made one. I am so overwhelmed by the artistry of quilters who can create with fabric and thread such a realistic portrait of nature.

You can click on the smaller photos to view them larger so you may enjoy the details of these beautiful quilts.

One last quilt from the show ... this amazing quilt has been displayed in an astronomical exhibit in Washington, DC. It is called "The Great 25-inch Telescope at Foggy Bottom" and was made by Sara Schechner. This quilt was accompanied by photos and the story of its display in DC. The tiny attention to detail, including the astronomers in historical dress, in this small quilt cannot be appreciated in just a photo. I wish all of you may sometime have the opportunity to see these quilts in a major show somewhere. I am awed by the creative skill of these quilters and feel blessed to have enjoyed their quilts at this show. This really was a small sample of the many gorgeous quilts in this show.

I did my small part to support the vendors at this show by taking home these pretties that just called to me ... I have no idea what I will make with them but I just could not resist their call and they are all washed and folded and fondled and enjoyed ...

I love fabric way too much ... ;-) Pat

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