Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Is Coming!

Spring countdown banner

The windows are open There are buds on the forsythia and I found that the crocuses are coming up under the winter's accumulation of windblown leaves. Spring will soon be here!

Saturday was a fine day for a drive through the north country. I shop-hopped my way through seven quilt shops on the Leprechaun Shop Hop in NH and found some lovely buys to add to the 30's Layer Cake Swap. Here are some of my new pretties ...

These fabrics are swishing in my washer. :-)

My favorite "new to me" shop was "The Quilted Frog" ...

The fabrics in this picture were all purchased at this shop. More pretties ...

All of these fabrics are Darlene Zimmerman prints. I seem to have a lot of her repros in my 30's stash. The Quilted Frog is right by the bridge to Weirs Beach. My hubby even enjoyed browsing and bought a book called "Easy Japanese Quilt Style" and we found some gorgeous geisha fabric for his personal stash. The staff is very friendly and helpful, too. This shop is well worth a stop for quilters visiting the Lakes Region.

It is Monday house cleaning day. Since it is so spring-like the spring cleaning mode is kicking in. I have done three loads of winter bedding already today. Some quilts ready to put in later.

Hmmmm ... time to be hanging a spring quilt on the wall ... ;-)

New song for the player is "Morning Has Broken" ... a song I always associate with spring and new beginnings.




  1. I was sad to have missed that shop hop. :( I'll be taking my mother on the Schoolhouse shop hop at the end of the month, though. One of these years, I'll get to the Leprechan.

    Lovely fabrics!

  2. Delia ... I am contemplating the School House Shop as it is only a few shops, but ... ah ... I have to admit ... I need to catch up on a few UFO's before I give in to my fabric addiction again ... which means that if I get a few things accomplished and the open road beckons, I will be trekking around the shops at the end of March ... ;-)

    Nanette ... thank you for stopping by my humble blog! I love reading your "Freda's Hive" ... so many good quilty ideas you have there. :-)

    Have a happy quilty day ... :-) Pat

  3. I just LOVE your fabrics! Sure am glad I signed up for this one.
    We're having wonderful, spring weather here too. The sun is shining and the snow is melting... Spring cleaning fever hasn't kicked in just yet.. Still unpacking and sorting. Can't wait till I can open the windows :)


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