Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Me and My Girl have joined the

This photo was taken by a friend at a quilt show in NH last summer when Marissa joined me for a  fun day trip with a busload of quilters. Everything in life is better when shared with a daughter. <3

I like to call myself an "experienced beginner" because there is sew much more to learn.  In this campaign I will be placing myself with the other experienced quilters.

My Little Sweetie, Marissa, is yet to finish her first quilt.  I am hoping the fun and quilty camaraderie of this campaign will give her the impetus she needs to set up her sewing machine next to mine and sew with me this summer before life takes her off to grad school and such. Marissa will be joining the fun as a "Wantobe."

We will be commenting on giveaway threads on the on the schedule of days that are appropriate for each of us and hoping for a nifty gifty or two.  

We learned of this fun adventure though my friend Dorian at Ridge Top Quilts and have signed up through her.  

The quilts posted on the Stash Manicure blog have already gotten me excited about what is to come.  Orange!  One of my favorite colors.

Some of you may remember that I picked "orange" for the "stick swap" with the Scrappy and Happy group.  Time to get out my bag of "orange sticks" and think about making my own "creamsicle" quilt!

Here is a photo of some of my yummy orange dream fabrics ...

mmmmmmmmmm .... creamsicles .... ;) Pat


  1. Nice mother/daughter picture on your blog! How fun to have a daughter to sew with--maybe someday I will. I love all your orange fabric. I like orange, but I haven't bought very much of that color. I think it's because most of my quilts have been for other people.

  2. Pat, so glad you got your dd interested in quilting! Enjoy your time with her! You look alot alike! lol

    I'm not a big orange fan, but I love your collection!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Janet and Carol ... thank you for your kind comments ... :) Pat


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