Sunday, July 8, 2012

Katniss finds her home ... and a quilt

Katniss, our new Quilty Kitty

 Today we adopted Katniss at the Salem Animal Rescue League, where she was given her name.  This name suits her well.  She is a bit feisty and keeps her eyes wide open.  She is two years old and was taken into the shelter as a stray so we have no idea what she may have had for a previous home life, but she seems to be making herself at home very quickly.  So far she and Butterfly are doing well with respecting each other's boundaries and no fur has flown.

Katniss found this quilt on the rocking chair in the living room and is settling in for the night ... a happy cat on a quilt at home.



  1. What a beautiful new kitty Pat :) She looks like she will fit right into your loving home.

  2. She is so pretty. I love the name. Kitties from the shelters make such great pets. Both of ours have come from the shelter.



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