Monday, July 30, 2012

A Love of Fabric

I have been very distracted by all things fabric this weekend.  :)

I have decided on the color choice(s) for my Sunflower Wall Quilt with a little help from my friends. <3

I have looking at the wonderful display of fabric choices that my quilty friends have been making for their "Outside the Box" Mystery Quilt at the Quilt & Needle.  There are special threads posted in the forum for those who have purchased this pattern.  Many quilters just buy the pattern and use fabrics from their stash.  The variety of choices is amazing, as will be their finished quilts.  If you have never tried a mystery quilt and are feeling adventurous, please join us.  The mystery continues.  Jess, the designer, also hinted at the September and December Mystery Quilt themes and I am really looking forward to these designs, too. I have not started my July quilt, yet, as I have other projects ahead of this in my quilty queue.  I bought a kit from Jess's shop that are beautiful soft greens, yellows, aquas and browns from Moda's "Origins" fabric line. I am loving these fabrics and can't wait to cut and sew. ;)

I did not make the long trip to the Maine Quilt Show in the rain ... which made me a little sad to miss all the beautiful quilts. :(

So I consoled myself with a little fabric therapy.  I went to a one of my lovely nearby quilt shops.  This shop has walls of colorific cotton fabrics, as well as a great selection of batiks, minkees, as well as more traditional designs and solids. Every time I go in there, the rainbow of fabric makes me happy. Really brightened a gray weekend.

They are also having a big moving sale in progress.  Sale fabric are further reduced to just $3.99 per yard and there are also offers of 10% to 30% off other fabrics and an extra $10% if you finish the bolt. 

My fabric haul is pictured above,  Most of these fabulous fabrics were up for grabs in the $3.99 section and the most expensive was $5.99 at the 40% off offer by buying the end of bolt. 

So if you are in the area, stop by Quilter's Way while it is still in West Concord and then visit their new location next month in Acton.

Think I will go fondle the fabric and then get to work on my quilt.

May all your rainy days be showered with fabric!


  1. Okay, that's not fair. It's back to school time and I can't buy fabric right now. Why do you do this to me? ;)

    I love the colors you picked. Can't wait to see what's done with them.

  2. Oh Pat,
    i know where the quilt shop is moving to. The plaza is close to my in-laws. When stationed there, there was a wonderful shop that had great scones. I wonder if it is there still. Makes me homesick. :(


  3. A lovely bundle Ms Pat. Sigh~ I am always so jealous of your LQS, it is always having these awesome sales! And I live a bit too far ;) LOL Enjoy your pretties.

  4. Ms Dorian ... I am blessed with many nearby quilt shops and I love to shop their clearance areas. My favorite LQS is still Bits and Pieces, where I never pay regular price for anything and her business seems to thrive even in the present ecconomy. Wish you could come shopping with me, girlfriend ... :-)

    Ms Delia ... I have my pattern for these picked out. It is one that has been near the top of my "want to make" list for sometime. I have this stack of fabric sitting near me as an incentive to get the projects still ahead of it in the queue done, Hope to see you at Lowell Quilt Show this year ... :-) Pat

    Ms Trina ... This shop is moving closer to me. Makes me happy. Right now we have to drive across the nasty RT 2 rotary in Concord near the prison to get to where it is and that always feels like we are taking our lives in our hands. Acton Woods Plaza does have a coffee shop called Acton Coffee which I have heard has tasty coffee and pastries, although I have never been in there. Next time you visit your inlaws, we really ought to plan a coffee and fabric get-together ... :-) Pat

  5. Oh Yeah. That is a nasty rotary to go to Concord. I drove it once.


  6. Left you an answer a couple posts ago. :)

  7. Delia ... found it. Do not know how I missed it. Guess I need to read my own blog better.
    I shall miss running into you and your Mom at the local quilt shows this fall, but I certainly know how the kiddos can take up all your time and funds. Your oldest two are entering high school and your baby boy is off to kindergarten? The time does fly doesn't it? Enjoy them while you can. All too soon they will fky the nest. Also enjoy those mornings to yourself. You've earned 'em, girlfriend! ... :) Pat

  8. Not high school, jr. high, they're just in the same building.

  9. Junior high school students in the same building with high school students? That is really old school ... or living in the country ... ;)


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