Friday, July 20, 2012

Kitten-Sitting and Quilting

Katniss has her own Quilty Corner now.  This old quilt is her preferred place to sleep and watch the world.

Katniss has a lot ot watch this weekend.  My daughter's 2 month old kitten, Pepper, has come to stay with us while she goes camping.  Pepper is adorable.  Her face is so sweet; her fur is thick and soft; her purr is very loud.  She is very playful.  Our two older cats are looking at her like they do not know what to do or where to hide.  I think by the end of the weekend, Pepper and Katniss, who is also very playful, will be fast friends.  Butterfly, since she is a senior cat now, just wants a quiet place to herself. 

I have the quilting in the center of the Sunflower Quilt done!   I am now almost done with the border on one side.  I ended up putting straight line stitching in the striped tone-on-tone triangles and free form petals in the sunflower triangles.  Difficult to photograph, but here is a close-up:

 I am outling some of the big sunflower motifs in the border.  I hope to have this quilted and bound by the end of the weekend ... kitten permitting. ;)

Have a happy quilty weekend!



  1. Your quilt is looking great Pat!! And Pepper sure is a cutie. I'm glad Katniss has settled in well. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Beautiful quilt! Pepper seems to be fitting in quite well and Katniss has a perfect bed!


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