Friday, July 27, 2012

Opinions Anyone ?

I have finally finished the quilting on the Sunflower Wall Quilt.   It has been a long haul ... broken by frequent breaks for my back ... and constant quilty kitty "help" by Ms Katniss.

Way to take over, cat ...

I have trimmed ... with a lot of helping and inspecting ...

... and am ready to bind!

Problem ...

Yellow ???????

or ...

Teal ????????

The original pattern called for teal and I cut these strips when I cut the quilt.   Now I am not sure it is right for "my" quilt.   I have seen one of these quilts with the teal binding and it was okay.  It does intensify the colors but I am not sure it frames well.  I auditioned brown, too, and my hubby said "brown" but he did comment that it made the quilt look smaller.  So I pulled that out of consideration.  The brown was a good frame.  Hmmmm ???  I am a yellow person so I am leaning toward the yellow.  It does seem to frame it nicely without dulling the colors and it echoes the inner border. Hmmmmm ???

Opinions anyone ??????????

I have to put this aside while I decide and make the rest of my signature blocks and get them in the mail.

Pepper is coming for a "play day"  so maybe Katniss will be otherwise occupied and I will get my blocks done. 

Happy Sewing!



  1. And it looks lovely, as always Ms Pat. And so does Katniss. My first thought was brown also :) But if you don't want to do that, I would go with the yellow.

  2. I like how the yellow mirrors the inner border and contrasts the teal outer border, so I'd go yellow.

    Katniss is so cute! :)

  3. Well I'm going to really throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing by any more of the red fabric left?

    I think the brown should stay just in the center for visual interest. The yellow makes for a nice sashing where it is and the teal sunflowers make it's own frame. But I think the Red would add the "pop" that you are looking for and thus tie the edge with the main block portion, helping the eye to travel. But then that is what I would do.

    Aww It's nice to see that Katniss has settled in so well and is comfortable enough with you & you household to want to "help". She is just tooooooo cute & sure to be very happy in her new forever home.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    This is quercus on Q&N btw.

  4. Beautiful quilt--I'd go with the yellow!!

  5. Dorian, Delia and Sally ... thanks for helping me decide. I am still leaning towards the yellow, but I am still on the fence.

    Tricia ... Thanks also for suggesting the red. I do not know why I cannot see your comments here. I did receive them in an email. My hubby says he likes the red! I think I am going to post a picture of it in the Q&N thread and see what others may say.

    All of these fabrics are so right, none could really be wrong. :)

  6. Thanks for all the help both here and on the Q&N Forum. <3

    I have made a decision! After thinking of what my dear departed friend Gerda might have said, I have decided to put in a flange. Sew I get to "pick two" of these color rich fabrics. Makes me happy! :-)

    It will take me a few days to get this done, as I also decided I have to do a little bit more quilting in the outer border. Hope to have a completed project photo by next weekend ... ;) Pat


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