Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sewing Room Move-In Day!

Today was moving-in day.   It has been rainy and dark.
I am using a large molded plastic folding table for now for my sewing machine and have it surrounded by my old plastic drawer units.  These rolling drawer units were used in my dining room sewing space. They were rolled away for storage during the holiday season. 
Once I had a semblance of order. Some fabrics were organized by color, some by type.  I started a scrap system with some cut scraps organized in drawers by size.  Some fabrics I tucked together in a  drawer with the pattern I had thought to make with them. Eventually some of the drawers became just randomly filled. I have a lot of swap fabrics in the big closet.  I also have a few boxes of accumulated patterns, magazines.  I know I have at least one box that is all "UFOs" that need some finishing.  I now have to take everything out, see what I have and how best to reorganize.  Well, I now have plenty of space to this.  Someday I hope to have a built-in storage wall for my fabric.  For the moment I am very happy to make do with what I have. 

My new sewing space

Although I have plenty of good lighting for sewing in the new room,  I may have my hubby add some track lights later.  I have a lot of "later" ideas. The first thing I know I want to make is a design wall of some type. I have never had a design wall and this is the one "must have" that need to add in my new sewing space.  I have left one big wall open for this purpose. 
My Butterfly Moves Back In, Too
Seeing her sitting in this window again makes a gray day bright. Butterfly always thought of this as "her room" as she was my daughter's cat and spent many happy hours in here cuddling with Our Girl. For the past few months Butterfly has not even wanted to go in this room since my daughter moved out. At 12 years old, she does not like change. I am happy to see her back in one of her favorite windows on the world. Now Butterfly will keep me company while I sew in "our room".  Katniss has plans to make this room hers, too.  Some fur may fly over the quilts.
More picture progress coming soon.
I need to go put a hanging sleeve on a special sewing room quilt.
If anyone can guess which quilt I am taking about before I hang it, I will send them a special prize.
Hint #1:  it is one that I made a few years ago.


  1. Yah Pat, so glad you've moved in. Your sewing room looks great too! I am so jealous ;) lol. Hmmm, are you hanging your quilt that is on your blog banner??

  2. So glad everything and everyone is moved into your lovely new room.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Ding, ding, ding ... we have a winner! ... and i did not even have to go to clue 2,3 and 4 ... lol :)

    Dorian ... (a) you are just too smart ... or (b) I am just too obvious ... or (c) you just know me too well ... or (d) all of the above ... ;)

    Queenie ... (most) everything is in there ... and a few too many of those things are hiding in the closets ... ;)

  4. Can I come to your house to sew? My table is right inside the door and everyone dumps their stuff on it when they walk in. A nice, cheerful, organized room would be just the ticket. ;)

  5. Delia ... anytime you have the time ... please feel welcome to come and visit and sit and sew ... what's your favorite kind of tea? ... :) Pat


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