Monday, November 19, 2012

Helix Table Runner Ready for Quilting

Ready for Quilting

The table runner I made with extra fabric from my son's tablecloth and my new quick curve ruler and pattern is ready for quilting.  It is destined as a gift for my son for the center of his table in his new home.  I blogged about this tablecloth and starting this runner here.

 I am calling this my "Helix Tablerunner."  My son is a biologist.  I am hoping he will get my quirky quilty analogy. ;)

This is the runner that was under the needle in the picture above when the lights went out during Sandy's assault on the northeast.  When the lights came back on, I had already started the hand sewn hexagon table topper, which I decided to finish first.

These are the fabrics I started with ...

I am also using the free table runner pattern that came with the ruler. When I decided this pattern resembled a double helix, I looked up images on google and most of them have lines running from curve to curve, so I had to find some striped fabrics in my stash to match the colors.  I found two fat quarters in an old stack that were perfect, one green and one aqua, so I cut the centers from these ...

Piecing and squaring these blocks was made easy with the quick curve ruler.

I decided to make a slight personal design variation from the original pattern by making only one long strip instead of two, which would have made a double helix, I guess, but he has a narrow table and I just want this run down the middle.  I also alternated the colors in the centers.  I sewed four of each color blocks. 

When I pieced the runner, I ended up with one extra block after I checked it with the measurements I had for Jon's table. I am going to use this extra block as practice for my quilting to make a rounded table mat.

I have had this runner hanging in front of my sewing machine for the last few days waiting for my quilty muse to whisper in my ear and tell me how to quilt it.
I think I have a plan.
Time to quilt ... BBL

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