Monday, August 5, 2013

The Wedding Quilter Quilts

The Wedding Tables
With a big THANK YOU! to MK, 
my daughter's best friend and maid of honor,
who was the lovely person at the wedding
who took this lovely photo of her table.
This also shows the beautiful paper rose bouquets
that they made together for the bridesmaids.
 The Wedding Cake Table and Quilt
 The beautiful and delicious cake itself 
was a gift of the Maid of Honor's cousin.
By the big day, "The Wedding Quilter" made 12 quilts:
8 of the large flower "Marissa" quilts for the guests' tables,
1 of the hexagon flower "Patricia" quilts for the escort card table,
1 small flower "Emeline" quilt for the pretty little flower girl,
the Bride and Groom's 4 year old niece.
This photo was taken before the binding was sewn to the back.
I actually brought the last three quilts with me the day before the wedding and finished hand sewing the bindings to the back that evening
to keep my hands busy. 
"Dance of the Blessed Spirits"
The Sweetheart's Table Quilt (center)
"The Wedding Quilt"
which my daughter plans to use as a wall hanging.
Unfortunately, I do not have good photos of just the table quilts at the reception.  I did take some pictures at the start, but then I had a memory card failure in my camera and lost all the ones I had already taken at the ceremony and reception.  Fortunately, I did have a second memory card and was able to take the videos of the first dances that my daughter was hoping to have and a few more pictures.  
Mostly, though, I just enjoyed this wonderful day with my family and friends and forgot that I had a camera.
I received many lovely compliments from the guests on my quilts and
there were many photos taken and I am sure a few will surface in the coming weeks and I will find some to post later.
For now these will have to do ...
 The Best Man, my oldest son Jonathan, Toast.
Centerpiece made by my daughter and her bridesmaids and me
visible in the center of the closest table.

The Bride and Groom at their Sweetheart Table
"Dance of the Blessed Spirits"
The Sweetheart Table Runner
Close up of center "True Love Knot"
Thanks to all who have followed along and supported me and sent well wishes to my Daughter and Son-In Law while I have ventured down
"Wedding Quilter Lane."
Time to turn my quilty attention to new ventures.
I have a Christmas Quiltyness to sew!
I am posting in the fabulously festive
on Friday!
My quilt is in pieces right now!
Time to sew!!


  1. Thanks for some more lovely pics Pat. I'm sorry your camera did a funk on you. But yes, I'm glad you just enjoyed your dd's day.

    Can't wait to see what you are making for Christmas :)

  2. Wow you have made the day very special.

  3. You should be proud Pat....they looked fantastic.

  4. A truly beautful labor of love!! Your dagter looks so happy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Just lovely! I'm sure more photos will turn up so you'll have shots of everything. Looks like a memorable day of blessings!

  6. What a beautiful gift you made! Your daughter is truly blessed to be loved so much. I hope others shared pictures with you.


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