Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quilty Auntie Quilt in Process

Just look at these fabulous pink/black/white Rail Fence Blocks!

It looks like Valentine's Day came early to my sewing room!

I did not make all these great blocks.

I only made one.

These blocks were made by the 

for one of our members baby-girl-to-be!

The baby mommy and daddy chose these colors for their baby girl's nursery.

I am the lucky quilty auntie who gets to piece this top.

Then I will send it off to our volunteer quilter for the finishing touches.

I love making these group baby quilts to welcome
the precious little ones to our world.

I am waiting for the last two block to arrive,
then I will get to piece the top!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Piecing this top will be my February AYOLF Goal!

Linking up today with the February Goal setting party 
Fiber of All Sorts

More piccies coming soon!

~ <3 ~ 


  1. I will look forward to seeing the finished project. Sounds like a fun thing to do. How do you decide on who gets the quilt? You are such a busy lady who is so giving. Bless you Sandra

  2. Sandra, The members of this online forum have been making these baby quilts for many years. Each quilt is unique and in made for a member of the forum whose family is expecting this blessed event. All of the patterns and colors are chosen by the Mommy and Daddy-To-Be, sometimes with the help of the Grandmother or Aunt, The only requirement to receive a quilt is to be an active member of the forum. The Quilt & Needle is a free and open forum and new members are always welcome. We also make charity quilts and have our own small quilts of valor initiative that is again for anyone whose name is submitted by a member. Please check the link if you are interested in ... :-) Pat

  3. It is going to make such a striking quilt. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. What a lovely bright quilt,and lucky you! Wishing you a fun Feb finish :)

  5. I love your guild name! Those colors are really fun - like licorice all-sorts!


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