Friday, January 3, 2014


My frozen and snowbound back door.

It has been snowing here and bitterly cold and windy.
We have about a foot of drifted snow.

The snow has tapered off and the sun is shining through the frigid air.
All the windows and doors are frosted white.

Outside my door right now it is 5 degree F (-15 C) with a wind chill factor of 10 below (-24 C)  and it will be be in the double negative digits tonight.

A good day to stay in and sew!


  1. You keep warm, and hope you have provisions in the house.

  2. wow, this sounds real cold.
    here we have about 43° and rainy.
    Stay warm and cuddle up with a quilt.

  3. Oooh, yikes! So pretty, but so cooold! Stay warm by sewing with a cup of tea, I say! :)

  4. Oh keep warm and safe we did not get the snow but we do indeed have that bitter minus double digits. Stay inside and sew away. B

  5. Definitely a good day and weekend to stay inside and sew. Stay warm.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Great advice, stay in and sew. They're saying -42 tomorrow for us...again! Sheesh! No one is catching a break!

  7. Yes we are having the same weather up here in Canada.
    Oh so cold , Jonah loves to be out in the snow but he would only stay out for ten minutes . I have been off the grid for awhile trying to get caught up on rest after Christmas. Stay warm


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