Friday, January 31, 2014

"The Snug Society Gives Back" ~ Tutorial for Spilt 9 Patch Block

Spilt 9 Patch Block

This block was made for

This is the group quilt initiative of
of which  I have been a member for many years.

The Q&N is a free and open forum and all quilters of all 
experience are welcome and it is a wonderful place to learn about quilting
and meet online quilting friends.

These are the areas where the Snug Society gives back ...
This is a safe home for children in crisis in Texas.
Most of these children arrive with few or no possessions.
Our quilt closet allows a new arrival to pick one 
to hug and to keep and take with them when they leave.
Economically one of the most difficult places to live in our country. 
One of the coldest, too.
These quilts are given in "honoring ceremonies" to those who need.

In each of these places, a forum member has a personal contact
who sees to the distribution of these quilts.

The Q&N also has its own little QOV initiative ...
... with the thought that every one who serves our country deserves 
a quilt to say thanks. We have also made quilts for service members in the UK.
Each quilt is designed and made with the recipient in mind and
members may nominate anyone who has served to receive a quilt.

I have made many friends and many quilts here.

My bestest quilty friend,

is currently organizing a quilt for Harmony Home

 Find Some Scrap Fabrics
Since this is a quilt for a child, I look for bright and happy colors and fabrics.
I had a toy print with a light green background
so I added an "I Spy" element to my blocks.
Other members have just used bright tonal fabrics.

This month we are using some of our green and orange scraps
to make the 

for the quilt closet at the children's crisis center.

Katiniss Helps.

This is a 9.5" block unfinished.

For each scrappy block the pattern calls for ...

4 DARK 3 and 1/2" squares and 2 DARK 3 and 7/8" squares
3 LIGHT 3 and 1/2" squares and 2 LIGHT 3 and 7/8" squares 

... for each 9" finished block.

(for the HSTs I cut 4" squares and trim to 3.5" size if need be)

Choose fabrics with a lot of contrast so the layout will pop.

I cut my 3.5" squares and my 4" squares to make the HST units 
and I laid out my blocks in a stack.
Then I chain pieced them together.

When I am piecing blocks I like to leave the pieces for each block
"chained together" with the threads from my chains.
This makes assembling the blocks easy by keeping the units and rows together.

I lay the pieced sections out next to the ones I need to add. 

Then I just keep adding until I have a all the blocks done.

Then I check my seams and press.

The layout possibilities of this block are great!

 I like making these blocks and sending pieces of my fabric to cover the world in love.

My friend Dorian says,
"We are always looking for more volunteers to help make these quilts. What we do is we sign up for making blocks, piecing and quilting a quilt each month or two. We also have volunteers give the backing and battings or send money to the quilter to purchase these items.

If you want to help out, then come on over and sign up to the forum. It's free and painless ;) and go to one of the charity threads and volunteer whatever you are comfortable doing."

I hope you will join us!

Katniss days, "Every Paw Helps!"

~~~ <3 ~~~


  1. Such beautiful post Pat. And i love the music. It's bringing tears to my eyes. Give Katniss a hug from me, and one for you too. :)

  2. Hi pat adorable quilt I went over to the above site and had a look at it . What a wonderful place I will have to think about it. I do do a lot of charity quilts but it is getting so expense to send down to the states so I like to try and keep local but I wouldn't mind making a block or two for a quilt .

  3. LOL, GMTA indeed my Friend :) I love your blocks, they are so cute and happy. Thank you.


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